Blower heavy bearing base for factory bearing housing

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Also known as winch box, it is a kind of box part that supports and lubricates the bearing. At the same time, it can bear the axial and radial force of the equipment. In the equipment with rotating shaft, the shaft is generally supported and rotated by the bearing. The bearing is installed in the bearing box. The bearing box is filled with lubricating oil. In the process of working, the bearing is used to get lubrication. At the same time, all kinds of forces on the shaft will also be transferred to the bearing box, which is loaded by the bearing box. The material of bearing box is generally cast iron and cast steel. It is mostly used for wheel set

As the main power transmission mechanism of the fan transmission part, the fan transmission box plays a role in matching the temperature and the motor speed, etc. The high processing precision is divided into rough machining and finishing in the key process, so that the probability of deformation of the product due to internal stress is reduced to a lower. And use equipment processing to make the product processing accuracy and concentricity higher Water-cooled and oil-cooled gearboxes use circulating water to cool the bearings, to ensure that the bearings will not be damaged due to excessive temperature, and to ensure the normal operation of the fan (use this type when the air temperature is high)

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