Fulvika можно добавлять в фруктовые соки, разбрызгиваемые на салатах, черный фульвовый концентрат

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Fulvika Can be added to Fruit juices Sprinkled on Salads Black Fulvic Concentrate
Natural Mineral Concentrate (74+ minerals)


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Fulvika Black Concentrate
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Experience The Gift Of Mother Nature, Extracted From An 80 Million-Year Old Deposits Deep Down The Belly Of The Earth In The Pristine Wildness Of The United States.
Feature 2
Our Fulvic/Humic Proprietary Formula Generates Highly Alkaline And Mineralized Water Or Beverage That Refreshes Your Body .
1 X 2-oz bottle in a box
$30 Per Box
1 Box

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Company Profile

GTX Organics is a speciality manufacturer that develops and supplies natural ingredients that are organically registered with Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) for organic food production, providing for a variety of customer requirements worldwide.

Our proprietary organic extraction (brewing) and pre-concentration process produces fulvic acid in liquid and nearly pure powder forms. Our brand of fulvic and humic acids include GTX Gold-L, Alkaline Gold and Black Fulvic Acid equivalent dry powders have been evaluated according to the USDA National Organic Program standards by WSDA.

The organic fulvic acid or may be further formulated into specialty natural base products for our customers on a confidential basis.

GTX’s raw natural ingredients are obtained from known high quality sources with the highest control standards to ensure manufactured products are of the highest purity.

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1 Bottle In A Box

0.011 s.