cresol soap solution cresol soap disinfectant solution for Surface Disinfection

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cresol soap solution cresol soap disinfectant solution  for Surface Disinfection

Cresol soap disinfectant, use cresol as the main active ingredient, cresol content is 3%-50%, can kill enteric pathogenic bacteria and pyogenic coccus, it is suitable for surface disinfection of general objects.

Product parameter


Active ingredient


Effective substance Content



Object surface disinfection

Killing bacteria

Can kill enteric pathogens and pyogenic cocci

Dosage form





1 gallon, 5L/ barrel, Customized as required

Term of validity



Environmental and object surface disinfection

Attention matters

1,Topical disinfectant, not oral. Placed in hard-to-reach children.
2, This product has a slight irritation to the skin, do not contact with the skin.
3, This product is corrosive to metal products, be used with caution.
4, Placed in a cool place to save.


Product advantage




Effects of different concentrations of liquid:

1. The main bactericidal ingredient of the disinfectant is cresol,The 0.3% - 0.6% solution of this product could kill most pathogenic bacteria for 10 minutes, and the spores needed a high concentration and a long time to kill the spores.

2. Soak the disinfectant in aqueous solution, spray or wipe the surface of the contaminated object with a concentration of 1% to 5%, and the action time is 30~60 minutes.

3. 5% concentrations were used for nuclear bacillus, and the effect was 1~2 hours. In order to strengthen the bactericidal effect, the liquid can be heated to 40~50°C.

4. The concentration of disinfectant is 1 ~ 2% for skin,use 5 ~ 10% aqueous solution for disinfection of dressings and instruments and treatment of excreta.

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Packaging & Shipping

1 gallon, 5L/ barrel, Customized as required



Company Information



Founded in July, 2001 and located in Huang He Ya Industry Park, Decheng District, Dezhou, China, Shandong Retouch Wash and Sterilize Technology Co., Ltd. is a new and high-tech company specialized at research, development, manufacturing and marketing promotion of hygiene disinfection products. It is a noted company in domestic disinfection industry.

Sticking to the development tenet of ‘invigorating the company with technology’, Retouch puts ‘leading a sterile new world’ as its development objectives,obtained an upward of 20 proprietary intellectual property rights and owned multiple patented technologies and products.


Retouch has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. Its products are also exported to EU, Asian Pacific countries and African countries. The company has established an independent laboratory testing center and technology lab and is equipped with the most advanced testing devices in the disinfection field.

The open and advancing company of Retouch is sincerely craving for your cooperation.



1 .Can you do customized designs and package
:Yes, we provide OEM service.


2 .Why MOQ?
:We are manufacturer, manufacturing for client by order. The moq up on the MOQ of material. If any stock or using our design, the moq will be low.


3. How about payment ?
:50% deposit, the balance before shipping.
:T/T, Paypal, Western Union.


4 .How about sample and shipping charge ?
: A sample will be free and the shipping customer will bear it.
: Stock samples within 3 days, custom samples for 5-7 days.


5. How can i solve the problem of the quality?
:We will 100% responsibility for our products.

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