oxyde de zinc en dispersion1314132 oxyde de direct zinc oxide pur white

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oxyde de zinc en dispersion1314132 oxyde de direct zinc oxide pur white
Direct zinc oxide is an important flux raw material in ceramic chemical industry, especially in building ceramic wall and floor tile glaze and low-temperature enamel glaze. It is also widely used in artistic ceramic glazes

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Calcined zinc oxide characteristics
Insoluble content in hydrochloric acid
Ignition loss does not exceed
150 degrees non-volatile content
Color difference does not exceed

Lead content
Manganese content
Copper content
Within 0.03%
Within 0.05%
Within 0.05%

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Q1.How is the product shipped?
After purchasing our products, we will track the products to the designated Chinese port, haul it to the ship and send it to your destination port. Our freight forwarder can help you.
Q2.What is the minimum order quantity?
According to your requirements, there are no restrictions.
Q3.What is your main product?
We specialize in the production of zinc oxide, such as calcined zinc oxide, direct method zinc oxide, indirect method zinc oxide, activated zinc oxide, etc.
Q4.Can I get some samples?
Yes, if the quantity is small, you only need to pay the freight and cost price.
Q5.About delivery time?
The delivery time is usually 7-30 working days.
Q6.What are the payment terms?
L/C, T/T, D/P, D/A are all available

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