Армирование асфальта Стекловолоконная георешетка

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Product Overview


Product Description

Fiberglass geogrid is a kind of new geosynthetics for the reinforcement of road surface and rodbed.This product is made of fiberglass filament by woving machine imported abroad.After coated,it has featurers of alkali-resistance.This geogrid is mainly used in new road,soft road surface to enlarge the loading capacity and road maintainence to prevent the road crackle.

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Product Features


High tensile strength,elasticity modulus and low elongation;Heat resistence,no creep deformation,stable physical ad chemical properties;Crackle-resistence in high or low temature,or in road reflection;Excellent compatibility with asphalt and concrete of road surface,either soft or hard land;Compared with the trational road surface,it reduces the cost,prolong the service life,and avoid the reflection road crackle.


Product Technical Parameter




Product Application

1. It can be widely used in engineering fields such as maintenance of old concrete pavement and road in airport, dam, river bank, slope protection, reinforced treatment of surface of road and bridge, old pitch cement concrete pavement, reinforce pitch pavement and prevent harms;  

2. Cement concrete pavement is reconstructed to composite road surface, restrain reflection and crack caused by block shrinkage, road expansion project, prevent and treat crack caused by differential settlement of new and old combination;

3. It can reinforce and remedy road surface, prevent track, fatigue and crack of road surface, hot and cold shrinkage crack and lower reflection crack, and can scatter the bearing stress of road surface, and prolong the usage lifelong of the road surface;

4. Reinforced process of soft soil foundation. It is beneficial to the bleeding fixation of soft soil, restrain sedimentation effectively, differential stress distribution and intensify the integrated strength of the roadbed;

5. Semi-rigidity foundation of new-built road produces shrinkage crack, reinforce and intensify the road crack caused by crack and reflection.

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--- ABOUT US ---

 Taian Nuolian Engineering Materials CO.,LTD,leading manufacturer of High Quality International Standard fiberglass geogrid. A dependable geogrid manufacturer, with an expertise of more than 10 years. We have gained a reputation for reliability, for providing product innovation, quality consistency, price stability and trustworthiness. With a manufacturing plant equipped with the latest technology and run by a skilled workforce, we export to over 20 countries in the world.


Taian Nuolian Engineering Materials CO.,LTD,certified as an ISO 9001:2008 company & equipped with the latest tech in the plastics industry, we are here to achieve higher quality output. Our laboratory, run by dedicated staff, ensures uncompromising on-line and off-line quality testing results, to make the best quality product, which consistently exceeds customer expectations. This combination of outstanding resources, dedicated employees and latest technologies that are professionally managed, makes Nuolian a leader in plastic packaging industries and become a single source solution.


Made in China used across the World ,Applying the best of People, process and technology. Nuolian geogrids  are manufactured to international and various national standards.


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  --- FAQ ---

Q : Are you a factory or trading company?
A : We are a professional manufacturer that specialized in geomembrane, geotextile, composite geomembrane etc with ISO9001 certificate more than 10 years.

Q : Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
A : Our facoty is located is No.10 Yuanshan Road High-tech Development Zone, Laiwu District, Jinan City China. You can take the plan to Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, then we can pick you up.


Q : Could you send the sample before order confirmation?
A : Yes, we'd love to send a free sample to you for an evaluation if you need.


Q : How about the delivery time?
A : General within 3-7 days after received the deposit.


Q : Can you produce the product according tocustomers' requirements?
A : Sure, we are professional manufacturer, OEM and ODM are both welcome.







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