Mini crude oil refinery plant distillation system pyrolysis equipment

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Product Overview


Mini crude oil refinery plant distillation system pyrolysis equipment, YJ-DSL series is suitable for used engine oil, motor oil, heavy fuel, bunker oil, oil sludge, kinds of lubricant oil and other pyrolysis oil to clean diesel. After our machine's recycling, then the waste oil can be changed into clean diesel oil. Which can be used in ships, trucks, generators and so on directly

Working Process
The working process for Mini crude oil refinery plant distillation system pyrolysis equipment is to pump the waste oil into the distillation kettle, the heating system will start the stirring device. Gasoline components and water in the used oil can be distilled out when the temperature reaches to 50 ℃-100℃. When the temperature reaches to 160 ℃-260℃, after efficient catalytic and cracking, the light and heavy components will convert to diesel from vapor. Finally, we filter all collected diesel oil liquid, then we can get high quality finished diesel oil.

Application Waste Oil
Raw material Waste Engine/motor/furnace/lube Oil and all kinds of machinery oil
Color Index 1-1.5
Color Light Yellow
Diesel recovery rate 85-90%
Diesel Density(15℃) 0.84 kg/l
Kinematic viscosity(40℃) 3.36 cst
Flash point(closed cup) 60  ℃
Cetane index 54.42


Machine Parameter
Handling capacity T/D 0.5 2 4 5 10 20 30 50 100
Recovery rate % <=93
Teperature   ≤ 430
Working Noise dB (A) 45 60 65 65 65 70 70 75 75
Total power KW 10 15 20 22 55 90 130 170 260
DimensionMM L 5000 8000 1100 12000 14000 25000 30000 60000 100000
W 3500 4000 4500 5000 8000 8000 10000 16000 22000
H 6000 7000 7000 7000 7000 8000 8000 8000 8000


Pyrolysis Diesel Oil Parameter
Item  Test standard Result Standard value
Density(15℃)  ASTM D1298 0.84  kg/l ---- kg/l
Kinematic viscosity(40℃)  ASTM D445 3.36  cst 1.6-5.8 cst
Flash point(closed cup)  ASTM D93 60    ℃ ≥55 ℃
Pour point  ASTM D97 -19   ℃ ≤ 0  ℃
Distillation temperature 10% oint  ASTM D86 204  ℃ ---
 50%point 289  ℃ ≤300 ℃
 90%point 344  ℃ ≤355 ℃
95% point 359  ℃ ≤365 ℃
Cetane index ASTM D976 54.42 ≥45
Water content ASTM D95 Trace%vol ≤Trace %vol
Sulfur content ASTM D1226 0.151%wt ≤0.2 %wt




1. Warranted?
For Mini crude oil refinery plant distillation system pyrolysis equipment, Yangjiang promise the machine is 100% brand new, we will provide 12 months quality guaranty from the time machine starts running at the buyer’s site.

2. Installation and training:
Yangjiang provide several days free installation and training.we will dispatch 1-2 engineers go to buyer’s factory for installation, testing and commissioning the machine, also train or provide any other technical assistance.all expenses for visa, accommodation, round-trip air ticket and lodging shall be borne by the Buyer
3. what’s the function of regenerated output diesel oil?
YJ-DSL series Mini crude oil refinery plant distillation system pyrolysis equipment can recycle different kinds of waste oil to clean diesel oil,the output diesel oil with flash point 60degree,Cetane index is 54, and sulfur content is about 400-1000ppm, you can add our solvent extraction machine to reduce the sulfur to 50-100ppm. the output diesel oil can be reused for generator,burner, ship or heavy machines, or construction machines directly.

4. What kinds of used oil can be recycled?
YJ-DSL machine can treat used engine oil, plastic oil, tyre oil,lubricant oil and the oil from car repair shop,machines, ship,water pump etc.

5.What kinds of chemical will use?
We use liquid Catalyst, which react with the waste oil before distillation
The catalyst is safe to use, it won’t cause machine coke, Help to get better diesel color and diesel smell, lower sulfur content and pour point. 

Many people use solid catalyst after distillation, we use it before, but the problem is the catalyst is easy to block or coke when hot oil vapor through the solid catalyst.

6. why we cooling the gasoline and diesel separately?
there are two groups of condensers, one for water and gasoline, another is for diesel oil, we cool the gasoline and diesel separately for increasing the diesel oil flash point.




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