Germany self adhesive car number plate fixing plate car number plate holder

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Car number plate fixing plate car number plate holder
Water proof, heat resistant adhesive backed hook and loop pads
10x49cm; 10x50cm; 10x52cm for European Vehicle
Available with MOQ 1000 sets
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Frame less number plate holder with 1 full set adhesive hook and loop pads + cleaning pads+plastic squeegee
How To Use The Frameless Number Plate Holder?
NOTE:Installation should be carried out in dry conditions at an external temperature of at least ten degrees. Before starting the assembly, the label holders should adjust the desired length. Use the attached interface template. WARNING:Do not remove the white protective film yet. 1. Free of the surface Carefully clean the rear marking and bumper with the attached cleaning wipes. Then clean the surfaces with the supplied micro-fiber towel again and dry. 2. Making it
Before mounting, it is recommended to place markings at the front and rear of the vehicle in order to place the tags in the middle. The best way to do this is to use a tape measure. 3. Information from marketing authorisation holderstip The hook strap is mounted on the vehicle and the loop strap on the plate. After accurate positioning, the white protective film from the label holders is carefully and on the dry surface of the vehicle or affix the marking. Press the glue side firmly onto the surface. 4. Information on the market Align the plate and attach the Hook&Loop fastener from the plate to that of your vehicle and press the plate on the vehicle in a large area. IMPORTANT: In the case of a curved bumper, the marking should be adjusted to the shape of the bumper by bending slightly. 5. Leave closer drawn The adhesive takes approximately 24-hour to deploy its full force. It is therefore advisable to keep the vehicle dry during this period and not to separate. 6. Known undertakings Use the attached yellow disassembly panel and gently push it between the two sides of the climbing to separate the marking from the holder. 7. Disposal of contents Heat the holder with a hot air stove and remove the holder carefully at the same time. For adhesive residues we recommend this with alcohol or solvent carefully remove. Love the car! I am Kevin Z from CCH Company, Already When I was a little boy, beautiful cars were all for me and when I bought my first own car, optically I had to simply Everything checks out. It wasn't just my hobby, it became a passion and a sense of life.
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