2021 Hot Sale eyelid lifting fibroblast plasma treatment machine fiberblast plasma pen

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How to judge Plasma pen or Electronic pen?

Plamsa pen control energy output by voltage, high level plasma such as beierpalsm K85 using voltage plus frequency control output to get more power level and function. Mostly use plasma sine wave, very a little machine may use plasma squre wave such as plasma pen K29 the 2nd generation.
Electronic pen control energy by power output without transformer inside, so it is only electronic shooting. Easy to burn down and cause skin spot after treatment, burn too much.

On the other hand, plasma shooting is very focus and smooth, even do not cause huge fire sparkle but could burn skin so that cuase smaller treatment wound. Electronic will burn close skin organization on surface, but energy not reach deeper skin layer, mostly it is only use for spot remove, can not use as plasma eyelid or wrinkle remove pen. >>
`3W)ZRHOQR(MFM_VCBEFJ`K.pngBeierplasm support Medical CE from Italy lab. ISO13485, ROHS, MSDS, trademark and patent. Protect exclusive distributor profit. Netherlands, USA, Russia, Sweden, and Switzerland already signed exclusive we stop selling to others any more.
Beierplasm K85 Treatment. 
Beierplasm K85 acupuncture 
needle appliance 
Beierplasm K85 needle with 4 size, the first copper needle for regular use. In normal wrinkle remove, pigmentation remove, spot remove and eyelid lifting all use this needle. Each piece packed on single sterilized pocket, for disposable use. Both needle and machine produce by ourselves and only fit for our maglev plasma pen K29 and beierplasm K85 use, do not fit for other plasma machine.
The rest 3 size acupuncture needle could push serum such as hyaluronic acid, VE, serum delivery. The whole process will not burn skin or cause bleeding, could choice touch skin or not. Recommend start treatment under energy level 2 and frequency 200Hz. And those needles are metal material but not consumable, after treatment just keep it clean could be forever use. Before treatment have to apply aesthetic cream or people can not stand long term treatment, it will hurt.
In beauty area there is a name call "EMS", actually it is high voltage and small electronic principle. And plasma including this acupuncture massage needle use high voltage and small frequency therapy. It could use for body part location rehabilitation therapy treatment. Do not need to use aesthetic cream or repair products, but hydrating cosmetics could help for skin get better situation after treatment.
 Beierplasm K85 provide 5 years warranty. Each machine with unique trace code so that we could recognize the purchase date and sources.
If broken during shipping, should contact us within one month and provide evidence so that send  replacement
Provide Medical CE, RoHS, MSDS and 13485 approved


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