New Product Furan Resin Epoxy And Hardener For Sand

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Alkyd resin ma

1.Introduction of hign efficient planetary mixer ;

1). Planetary mixer is high efficient, multifunctional equipment combining reaction, mixing, blending and dispersion.   paint mixer product

2). Suitable for the production process of liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, ointment-ointment, powder-ointment and materials with huge difference of density and proportion or from low to high viscosity (1,500,000Cps).

3). The mechanical seal and (echelon) soft seal between the vessels enable the materials to be processed under vacuum condition.    paint mixer product

4). The vessel body can be heated by electricity, steam, water or oil. The peculiar temperature sensor on the driving shaft ensures the temperature error under ±1°C,

5). The jacket structure facilitates heating up and cooling down.

6). The vessel inner wall is processed by lathe and then automatically polished by the big polishing machine, ensuring the rotating kinetic scraper thoroughly scraps off the materials stuck on the inner wall.

7). The agitators will rotate as it revolves to thoroughly mix the materials. The mixing effect will be obtained within a short period with more than ten times faster than normal mixer.

8). The rotation and revolution of the agitator and the scraper are all controlled by the inverter.

9). The mixer can be equipped with the extruder.

10). Different mixing forms are available as options according to different process. 



2.The technical parameters of hign efficient planetary mixer  :

Model VolumnMotor power(kw)

stirring speed(rpm)

revolution   ratation

vacuum degreeremarks

Data in this 

fable for reference,the 

actual data 

according to 

specific process


material viscosity

and other design.


Lifting Means:Hydraulic

According to The Need For Heating And Cooling

Pressure Range:-0.1-0.3Mpa

Speed Mode :Frequency Control





Foshan JCT Machinery Co., Ltd. is a research, development, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance in one of the chemical machinery professional equipment manufacturers. The company has successfully developed a resin, adhesive type, powder mixed type, silicone type, hot melt type, paint type and other complete sets of production equipment. Its products across the chemicals, plastics, building materials, pharmaceuticals, food, light industry and other industry.




Main Technologies:


1. Unsaturated resins, alkyd resins, acrylic resins, polyurethane and other complete sets of production equipment;
2. Latex, white latex, rubber coating, film coating, all-purpose adhesive and other complete sets of production equipment;
3. Glass, plastic, silicone rubber, sealants and other sets of production equipment;
4. Raw rubber sets of production equipment;
5. Silicone waste pyrolysis recycling old solvent distillation recovery sets of production equipment;
6. Hot melt adhesive sets of production equipment;
7. Various types of powder mixing auger sets of production equipment;
8. Various non-standard chemical equipment design, production and installation.




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