Fashion 50ml 80ml latex rubber 3 way standart urinary or 2 balloon ballon 100% silicone foley catheter with hard valve

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3 Intended Use
The Foley cathetersare flexible tubes that are passed through the urethra during urinary catheterization and into the bladder to
drain urine, or for inserting fluids into the bladder.
4. Usage:
5. Disinfect perineum and genitalia, before Intubation
6. Disinfect the catheter surface with sterile lubricant
7. Urethra should be injected with 2% lidocaine 3ml, infiltrating a minute; then insert the catheter into urethra
8. The insertion depth is determined by the doctor according to patient body parts.
9. Inflate the balloon with water, 6-8ml for big balloon; 3-5ml for small balloon; 10-15ml when inserting into vagina

6. Deflate the balloon before pulling out the catheter, after treatmen.

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