PS/R Explosion Venting Panel (rectangular)

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Product Overview


Product Description

DONADONSDD PS/R Venting Panels (rectangular)

Explosions: in industrial plants, a real and destructive danger, against which it is essential to find protection.
Explosion venting panels are often the ideal solution to implement a measure of safety in points where this issue is critical, since they are built to yield against pressure as it rises, and let it vent where it cannot cause damage.


Place of Origin
Brand Name
Protect the structure against risk of explosion
Size (DN)
Min. 365x645 mm. - Max 920x920 mm.
Rupture Pressure
0,1 Barg
Operating Temperature
Up to 260°
Corrosion resistance
With PTFE Membrane
Vacuum support, Burst sensor, Sealing gaskets
ATEX EX II GD and EX II D Zone Cat. 0,20,1,21, 2, 20
Fitted in welded frame or non machined profiles

Company Profile

DonadonSDD is the Italian Manufacturer of Rupture Discs for Industrial Plants and starts its production more then 70 years ago. ISO 9001 and 9100 Quality certifications were obtained and maintained during the time.

Rupture discs are safety devices with the function of stopping sudden variations in pressure from damaging an industrial plant.

DonadonSDD Rupture discs have many advantages:
They are often the most economical solution with respect to other types of pressure relief devices
They are easy and fast to install
They are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and calibration pressures.
They have low maintenance costs.

DonadonSDD is a fast growing company and is improving both the manufacturing capability and the product range.
Our Customers are all over the World and to satisfy their requirements, our products are certified: ASME UD Stamp, 2014/68/UE PED; 2014/34/UE ATEX; MOCA/GPM for Food and Beverage application; 3A for Sanitary applications.

Rupture discs, our core business, are suitable for several applications, such us: Oil&Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical, Biogas, Automotive, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Transport, Cryogenic, Energy.

DonadonSDD keeps no stock, and never asks a customer to adapt to its standard product offer. On the contrary, we are constantly adapting, redesigning, and developing new products so that we can exclusively offer products tailored to our customer's specific needs. To meet the customer needs, for manufacturing discs we've at disposal Laser Machines with latest laser technology; and also Laser marking machine, Oven for testing up to 500 degree and Leak testing equipment.
Since October 2020, we give also the opportunity to our customers to attend the tests via streaming.

Packing & Delivery

The rupture disc and the relevant accessories, depending on the size, are delivered in a cardboard box or in appropriate wooden cases. On the packaging label of the safety device there are the data relating to the product, as well as a QR-Code that allows access to product certificates and other information. To access the contents, use a QR reader and frame the QR-code by means of the digital camera of your device (for example a mobile phone).


1. Who are we?
We are the only Italian manufacturer of rupture discs.
We are based in Milan, Italy,

2. How to contact Us?
Visit our website:, or if you prefer, you can contact one of our technical representatives directly, by calling +390290111001 or writing an e-mail to we'll reply straight away!

3. How can we guarantee quality?
We have a complete quality control system; all our products are fully checked by IQC, OQC departments before ship to our clients
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment.

4. What can you buy from us?
Rupture Disc, Bursting Disc, Burst Disk, Overpressure Protection System

5. What detailed information do we need to provide if we want to place an order?
In the F.A.Q. section of our web-site , You can download the RUPTURE DISC FORM that will guide You to collect
all the data required, which can be also summarized as below specified:
* required burst pressure & burst temperature
* nominal size, flange rating & face finishing
* disc and holder material
* vacuum resistance (if requested)

6. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
DonadonSDD is the Italian Manufacturer of Rupture Discs (overpressure protection devices) for Industrial Plants and starts its production more than 70 years ago. ISO 9001 and 9100 Quality certifications were obtained and maintained during the time.
DonadonSdd guarantees a delivery in 15 working days since order confirmed, if needs goods urgently, we can arrange expedited production.

7. What services can we provide?
* Opportunity to attend the tests via streaming.
* Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, CIP, FCA, CPT, DDU, Express Delivery
* Accepted Payment Currency: USD, EUR
* Accepted Payment Type: T/T, L/C
* Language Spoken: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Russian, Italian.

8. Other questions?
To find answers to the most frequently asked questions, contact directly Donadonsdd or go to:

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