Diamond teeth whitening snow white teeth whitening kit with carbamide peroxide bleaching system oral gel white

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Item name
USB LED Teeth Whitening Lamp Set
Teeth whitening Accelerator
1* Teeth Whitening Light with iPhone adaptor, Android adaptor and control part
3* 2ml teeth whitening pen
Treatment Time
Android, iPhone, USB 3 in 1 connector
Treatment Time
16 Minutes
Phone bleaching light
16/24/32 LEDS ,Automatic timing
Plastic case or loose package
Retail, Wholesale, OEM

1. Factory certified by GMP & ISO 22716
2. Products certified by CE & CPSR
3. Professional Research & Develop team
4. Certified quality inspection system
5. Offer OEM Product

The mouthpiece has 16 LED bulbs that aim at
the upper 8 tooth and lower 8 tooth for whitening.
It has an automatic 16 minute timer,
so you can use it while doing something else.

Why is it best to use 16 minutes?
Since the concentration of carbamide peroxide was close to 15% after 10 minutes of use of the cold light, there was no effect.
After using the 30 minutes cold light, the concentration of carbamide peroxide tended to be zero, but 30 minutes was too long. In this process, a large amount of saliva is produced, and the concentration is greatly diluted,resulting in a poor customer experience.
After 16 minutes of use in the cold light, most of the carbamide peroxide has decomposed and the gel is effectvely used.

Why is it best to use cold blue light?
In general, the blue tooth whitening process does not cause pain, and only a very small number of people may have mild discomfort after treatment and disappear within a short period of time. It avoids discomfort to the nerves of the teeth during operation and does not cause any damage to the teeth and enamel.


1. Apply teeth whitening gel evenly on your teeth(thickness approximately 1mm) .
2. Power the LED ligth by iPhone, Android phone or other USB device.
3. Put the mouthpiece into your mouth and bite tightly.
4. Take out the Light after 16 minutes. Rinse your teeth with warm water.
5. Wash the mouthpiece with water after use.

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