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What is Shiradashi Tsuyu?

Shiradashi is a kind of tsuyu, liquid type of soup base, that made from white or light soy sauce, soup stock of konbu (kelp), katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), shiitake mushrooms, and seasonings such as mirin.
Compared to the other brown color tsuyu, it is possible to finish the dish without spoiling the color of the ingredients.
We have 3 types of shiradashi.

■Nigori Shiradashi

・Special and concentrated nigori shiradashi.
・The source of nigori (turbidity) is ultra-fine katsuo powder.
・Umami, richness, and aroma of katsuo are even more pronounced.
・One size: 1.8L

■Katsuobushiyano Shiradashi

・Concentrated shiradashi using pure soy sauce, katsuo extract, and katsuo.
・Two sizes: 500ml and 1.8L

■Bannou Shiradashi

・High quality concentrated shiradashi.
・This tsuyu is made with katsuo, souda katsuo, konbu, and chicken extract.
・It is a useful soup base that can be used in a variety of dishes such as chawan-mushi
 and dashimaki tamago.
・One size: 500ml


Since light color of soy sauce have been used, it is possible to finish the dish without spoiling the color of the ingredients.

Product name
Net weight
Packing size
Nigori Shiradashi 1.8L
Katsuobushiyano Shiradashi 500ml
Katsuobushiyano Shiradashi 1.8L
Bannou Shiradashi 500ml

Company Profile

Marutomo was established in 1918 and has been a long-established Japanese company for more than 100 years.
Marutomo is one of the top companies in Japan that offers a wide range of bonito related products such as Katsuo pack, Hanakatsuo(dried bonito flakes), Atsukezuri(dried and thick type flakes), Kongokezuri(mixed type flakes), Niboshi(dried infant sardines), Dashinomoto(bonito soup stock), Seasoned sauce, Dashi pack, Liquid seasoning for specialized menu, Pet food, etc.
We are the first food company to acquire HACCP and GMP in Japan, which are world-standard manufacturing certifications.
We deliver safety and security through FSSC22000 and ISO22000 certification.

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