48v 20Ah 51.2V lifepo4 lithium ion battery pack for low speed electric vehicle

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Golf Carts, SUBMARINES, Electric Bicycles/Scooters, Electric Folklifts, electric vehicles, Electric Wheelchairs, Electric Power Systems
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Anhui Woo Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in battery pack assembly, R&D and sales of lithium-ion batteries. The main products include various types of cylindrical lithium-ion battery packs (14/18/26/32 series), power battery systems and energy storage battery systems. The company's products are widely used in low-speed electric vehicles, communication base stations, household energy storage and outdoor mini-emergency energy storage systems.
Woo-power has passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. Our products also pass many international tests and gained certifications such as CQC, CE, UL, etc., and we strive to meet international standards in every production section.

Our Advantages

What are the advantages of our lithium ion batteries?
1) The energy ratio is relatively high. With high storage energy density, it has reached 460-600Wh/kg, which is about 6-7 times of lead-acid battery;
2) Long service life, the service life can reach more than 6 years, lithium iron phosphate as the positive battery with 1CDOD
charge and discharge, there are records that can be used 10,000 times;
3) The rated voltage is high (the single working voltage is 3.7V or 3.2V), which is equal to the series voltage of 3
nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries, which is convenient to form the battery power pack;
4) With high power bearing capacity, which lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles can achieve 15-30C charge and discharge capacity, easy to start high-intensity acceleration;
5) The self-discharge rate is very low, which is one of the most outstanding advantages of the battery, currently can generally achieve 1% / month, less than 1 / 20 of nickel-hydrogen battery;
6) Lightweight, the weight of the same volume is about 1/5-6 of lead-acid products;
7) High temperature and low adaptability, can be used in the environment of -20 ° C -60 ° C, after the process of processing, can be used in -45 ° C environment;
8) Green and environmental protection, no matter whether it is produced, used or scrapped it does not contain any toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances such as lead, mercury, and cadmium.
9) Production basically does not consume water, which is very beneficial for China that lacks water.



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1. Are you a manufacture?
Yes, we are the original factory, specializing in reliable and safe lithium batteries for more than 7 years.

2. Can I place a sample order?
Yes, we accept sample order to test and check the quality, battery can be made as required.

3. Do you have MOQ?
No limited, but the more you order, the better price you will get.

4. What is your delivery date?
Usually 4-6 weeks after payment confirmed subject to exact order quantity.

5. Which shipping method do you usually take?
Generally, small volume via express or air. Bulk order quantity via sea.

6. What kind of packing you provide?
Standard export carton or wooden case according to battery size and weight, the package will be strong enough for long-distance transport.

7. Can you accept OEM and ODM Service?
Yes, we supply OEM&ODM service as clients requirement.

8. How do you control your product quality?
All batteries have 10 steps testing during the whole production.

9. Can you help with the installation and debugging of complex equipment.
Yes, For large ESS projects, we will arrange professional on-site installation and debugging, and train customers to use the

10. How is your after sales service?
We have a special team to deal with the complain. All complain will be replied within 24 hours.

11. How about warranty?
3 years warranty.

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