1000D Aramid yarn Flame Retardant aramid fiber yarn

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200D,400D,600D,1000D,1500D,3000D,8050D and so on ,It can be used in optic cable and high strength rope     


                                ARAMID YARN  PROPERTY


Brand NameDenierDtexFilamentDia.(mm)Meters/kgBreaking Strength(N)Break Elongation(%)Weight/Spool(KG)
Aramid Yarn200D2201340.1545000M453.062.2-2.5
Aramid Yarn400D4402670.222500M893.252.2-2.5
Aramid Yarn1000D11106660.39000M2103.5710
Aramid Yarn1500D167010000.356000M3303.5110
Aramid Yarn3000D330013330.63000M6103.775



1. Aramid Fiber Filament Yarn 
100D,200D,400D,800D,1000D, 1500D,3000D 
High Temperature Resistance 
High Strength and High Modulus


Aramid Fiber Filament Yarn


Para-aramid belongs to the aromatic polyamide family. The full name is poly (p-phenylene terephthalamide), abbreviated as PPTA . The raw materials of para-aramid are TPC and PPD.


Para-aramid is called one of the three high performance fibers in the world, with carbon fiber and high density high modulus polyethylene (HDPE) as the other two. It possesses outstanding properties of high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance and flame resistance. It has advantages of relative low density, fatigue resistance, tear and shear resistance, dimension stability. It has irreplaceable position in areas like personal protection, aerospace, electrical communication, and etc.



Normal size is 100D,200D,400D,800D,1000D, 1500D,3000D


1, good resistance to abrasion

2, High tensile, high strength ,It is twice as much as filament filament polyester /nylon thread.

3, good resistance to organic solvents

4, no melting point, degradation starts from 500°C

5, Low elongation rate, high modulus ,high breaking strength

6, good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures

7,Flame resistance ,it is one of the best fireproofing material in the world.

8, sensitive to ultravioletradiation


Industrial Applications:

Reinforcement materials

Personal protection

Composite materials

Friction sealing

Sports instruments and others



2,kevlar thread and rope

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