Промышленный смеситель для наполнения мясом, 50 л

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meat stuffing machine

This equipment has high mixing efficiency and is easy to operate. It is a selection equipment for making air-dried
sausage products, material-like mud-like mixed enteritis products, and pill products. The machine has fast mixing speed, simple operation and convenient operation. Automatic discharging, can adopt unilateral discharging, free control. The labor intensity is lower, and the unique spiral tooth arrangement makes the material mixing more evenly, and the single-loading process is more.
Factory direct sales of automatic bun stuffing double-twisted dragon stuffing machine mixing equipment unique three-layer sealing protection equipment has a longer service life and is more convenient to clean.
vacuum stuffing machine
The vacuum stuffing machine can stir and mix stuffing, loose, and sauce-like materials. The vacuum squeezes the release of the materials to make the materials softer and more delicious, and then the materials are processed through the paste-like blades. Tenderization is an essential equipment for food production. 2. Structure and Principle The ZKBX series double-twisted vacuum filling machine is equipped with two agitators with multiple flat blades deep in the bottom of the double circular shape. The angle between the blades and the shaft is about 45 degrees. The material inside moves back and forth, and the blades at both ends are at right angles to the end of the boat-shaped groove wall, which can scoop up the stuffing squeezed to the side of the wall and send it to the center of the groove.

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