Hot sale type ultrasonic heat flow meter brass pipe section LCD

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1. The definition of ultrasonic heat meter
A meter used to measure and display the heat released or absorbed by the water flowing through the heat exchange system. Its unit of measurement is kWh or GJ. The default measurement unit of JHHM ultrasonic heat meter is kWh. (Note: 1kWh=0. 0036GJ)
2. Ultrasonic flowmeter measurement principle:
The ultrasonic flowmeter uses the time difference method to measure the flow rate. An ultrasonic transducer is installed in the upstream and downstream of the measurement channel to transmit and receive ultrasonic signals. The propagation time is different. The flow rate of the fluid can be calculated by measuring the difference of the time, and then converted into the flow rate through data processing.

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Product Paramenters

Material of pipe
Steel or Cast iron
Nonimal Diameter, mm
DN32~DN150 - Please specify price according to each diamater
DN32 6m3/hour
DN40 10m3/hour
DN50 15m3/hour
DN65 25m3/hour
DN80 40m3/hour
DN100 60m3/hour
DN100 100m3/hour
DN125 120m3/hour
DN125 150m3/hour
DN150 200m3/hour
Connection type
flange connection
Measuring range
Temperature Range(℃)
4~150 Celsus
Temperature Difference(K)
3~70 (Min. value of ex-factory is 0.2K)
Min. Temperature Pair Error (℃)
Type of Temperature Sensor
Protection Class
Integral version:IP54;
Power Supply (mW)
Battery-powered with a service life >5 years , 3.6 V
Working Environment
Class B
Communication type
M-BUS / RS-485, Photoelectric Interface
Maximum pressure
2.0 MPa
Display content
8-digit + prompting character
Nominal Diameter
Nominal Diameter≥DN50:Cumulative heat quantity MW·h or GJ, thermal power MW
Instantaneous flowrate: m³/h, Cumulative volume:m³,Supply water temperature: ℃, Return water temperature: ℃, Temperature
difference: K, Total operating time: h
Date: Y/M/D, Clock: h/m/s
Nominal Diameter
Nominal Diameter≥DN50: Display range of cumulative heat quantity:0~999999.99MW·h
Display Resolution
Nominal Diameter
Nominal Diameter≥DN50: Cumulative heat quantity 0.01MW·h or 0.1GJ,
Thermal power 0.0001MW, Cumulative volume 0.1m³, Temp. 0.01℃, Temp. difference 0.01K.
Storage Temperature(℃)

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1 What product quality your factory offer?
we offer most competitive prices with best quality.

2 we want to know monthly capacity?
10000sets/month .

3 what kind of certificate you have?
Our company already achieve ISO.

4 What to do if I have any other specifications for the current?
If you have any different requirements,just contact us and we will meet you.

5 Could I get samples?
Yes,we have materials in stock to help you to get the samples as soon as we can.

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