Sterile Chass II individually packed nasopharyngeal nylon swabs

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Product Overview



A.Ergonomics and Anatomical design
Unique design improves patient comfort and specimen collection
B.User friendly
With anatomical design and soft brush texture, cells can be cleared quickly and effectively.
C.Safe and convenient breakpoints
According to sampling demand,sampling location and sampling characteristics, different kinds of broken points are designed

D.Rapid automatic elution
Rapid and automatic release of samples into liquid media
Measurable and consistent uptake and transfer from patients for quantitative measurement and improved test sensitivity.
F.Multi-platform applications
Compatible with a variety of applications and platforms, such as rapid antigen detection, E I A, molecular-based detection, DFA, cytology, forensic, bacteriological and virological culture.


Test Procedure


1.Put on gloves and
protective clothing.
2. Collect specimen with
swabs,such as nasopharynx swabs
and oropharynx swabs.
3:Aseptically remove cap
from tube,insert swab into
the tube with medium

4:Break swab shaft by
bending it against the
tube wall evenly at the
pre-scored line.
5:Replace cap on tube and
close tightly
6:Label with appropriate
patient information, Send
to the laboratory for
immediate analysis.

2.Test Procedure

Our Advantages

Compatible with subsequent processes

Nucleic acid extraction
Molecular detection
Virus isolation and culture

Available as filled tubes in bulk or as patient sample collection packs which can incorporate various combinations of filled tubes with swab

Company Profile

Jinan Babiotech Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of in vitro diagnostic reagents. The company's quality management system has passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification, and has the current international advanced automatic production equipment. The workshop is designed in strict accordance with the standard and reaches the 10,000-level purification standard.

Baibo Biotech is strong in technology and currently owns 61 independent intellectual property rights, including 2 invention patents, and undertakes a number of provincial and municipal scientific and technological innovation projects. The products mainly involve microbiology/temporal inspection reagents, medical equipment/robots, and biochemical diagnostic reagents.

Why Choose Us

Core competence
1. Based on the company's 10-year microbiological research, the complete range of microbial culture media products is leading domestically.
At present, in the manufacturing of microbial culture media in China, in addition to two foreign companies, Thermo Fisher and Mérieux, the only public companies that have more than two fully automated production lines are Antu Biology and Baibo Biology. Local hand-made enterprise.
With the continuous expansion of the company's scale and the continuous improvement of automation equipment, the company's strategic concept of "supporting the development of a fully intelligent microbial system with the high-throughput supply of microbial basic consumables" is gradually being realized.
2. The company has first-mover advantages in the field of microbiological testing:
At present, automated processing equipment has been widely used and popularized in biochemistry, immunology and clinical hematology examinations, but clinical microbiology laboratories rely on manual operations.
As the pioneer of domestic microbiology innovation technology, the company is developing a fully intelligent microbiological inspection system through system optimization, information integration, and AI technology based on the sample processing system (robot) at the microbiological front end to fill the domestic gap, thus becoming a microbiological inspection intelligence Unicorn companies in the chemical field.

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