Two-component automatic mixing dispensing machine LED bulb thermal conductive glue injection

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★ The double liquid automatic mixed glue dispenser is meticulously designed, so it is applicable to the optimal model required for accurate dosing, mixing and quantitative supply such as medium and low viscosity double liquid adhesives, epoxy resin and polyurethane, etc.
★ This series of double liquid automatically mixed glue dispensers are meticulously designed and launched for your by the Company, and are the best models applicable to the required accurate dosing, mixing and quantitative supply such as double liquid adhesives, silica, resin, etc. Containing special additives.
★ They are applicable to the pouring and filling protection of general electronic parts and components, power supply modules and printed circuit boards as well as to the pouring and filling of waterproof, damp-proof and high voltage resistant and vehicle circuits and various electronic electric appliances.
★ Applicable to: dedicated glue injection of LED power supply thermal conductive adhesives and LED bulbs.

The equipment size
L:840mm x w: 900mm x H: 1750mm(Can be customized according to requirements)
Mixed way
Static mixing/dynamic mixing
The plastic precision
<50g±2%>50g±1% Proportioning accuracy
Resin Flow
0.5-30g/s(Support customization)
The matching accuracy
Mix proportion
Glue viscosity
Measurement method
Plunger pump/screw pump/gear pump (selected according to the nature of glue) (optional)
Feeding mode
Vacuum pump/pneumatic diaphragm pump (optional)
Control system
Mitsubishi PLC+ touch screen
Working voltage
Temperature: 0-40℃ Humidity: 20-90% (optional heating and heat preservation system)
Power supply
AC 220V 50HZ 1.0Kw
Working pressure

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