FD-200W DC48V Semiconductor Cooling Peltier Thermoelectric Air Conditioner

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 FD-200W DC48V Semiconductor Cooling System Peltier Thermoelectric Air Cooler conditioner

FD-200W Peltier Mini Industrial Thermoelectric Cooler (For TEC etc. Cabinet)


Product Description





Product Name FD-200W

Refrigerating capacity



Cooling area 1.50 m2
Rated Power DC48V 6A

Gross Weight

Working Temperature -20-70°C





Fan Protect Level



indstrial airconditioner, Industrial Air Conditioners, water air cooler, peltier air cooler, peltier air conditioner

Industrial air cooler, peltier cooling system

Working principle:

Thermoelectric coolers operate by the Peltier effect (which also goes by the more general name thermoelectric effect). The device has two sides, and when DC current flows through the device, it brings heat from one side to the other, so that one side gets cooler while the other gets hotter. The "hot" side is attached to a heat sink so that it remains at ambient temperature, while the cool side goes below room temperature. In some applications, multiple coolers can be cascaded together for lower temperature.


 FD-200W DC48V Semiconductor Cooling System Peltier Thermoelectric Air Cooler conditioner


  • Using semiconductor electronic cooling, small volume, light weight.
  • No compressor, no Freon, no pollution, no vibration, no leak.
  • Using no pollution material, compliance RoHS
  • Free mounting, applicable to a variety of places.
  • Working ambient temperature: -10C~+50C
  • Dense fin extrusion heat sink, high efficiency
  • High-dense foam insulation between heat sink and cooled heat sink.
  • Hot-side heat sink overheat protection temperature setting +75C± 5 C
  • Applied in sealing, vibration or rotation places such as compressors do not work.


industrial airconditioner, Industrial Air Conditioners, water air cooler, peltier air cooler, peltier air conditioner

Industrial air cooler, peltier cooling system


 FD-200W DC48V Semiconductor Cooling System Peltier Thermoelectric Air Cooler conditioner

FD-200W .png



FD-200W .png

 FD-200W 2.png



Tecnical Manual:

1.Please use 48VDC switching power,and the ripple factor is less than 10%.

2.Don't drop from than 30cm height,the Bi2Te3 will be damaged,

3.Not waterproof,only aplied in indoor or outdoor of rainscreen.(Except IP55)

4.Please keep away from wall or other objects more than 10cm,when install it.

5.No starting up,when the ambient temperature and the heat sink over 70C,or it will be damaged.

6.Please read the specification and other accessories carefully.








  •  Battery cabinet in telecom
  •  Precise instrumentation
  •  Precise temperature control
  •  Photonics laser systems
  •  Food and Beverage cooling 
  •  Medical instrumentation

300W-48V Thermoelectric Cooler with temperature control IP55300W-48V Thermoelectric Cooler with temperature control IP55300W-48V Thermoelectric Cooler with temperature control IP55



 1. How do we know which model is suitable for us?
a. Confirm the ambient temperature (Th); 
b. Confirm the required temperature of the cooling space or objects (Tc);
c. Confirm the application’s heat load power (Q, the heat need to be removed or lowered);
d. Determine the required cooling capacity (Qc, considering heat loss, it is recommended Qc = 1.5 * Q);
e. Find out TE products from the catalog, whose maximum heat pumping capacity (Qmax) matches with the Qc worked out by step #4 (±5W), and then refer to the expected Current and Voltage to pick out a suitable product. 
If the single product could not meet the requirement, you can also use series or parallel connect multiple products to get higher performance, the quantity = Qc / Qmax (Single products).
2. What service we can support to our customers?
Our products including TEM ( Thermoelectric Module) and TEA(Thermoelectric Assembly), we can customize according to special requirement from customers, normally, we offer professional thermoelectric solutions within 24 hours.
3. Besides MOQ, what we can do for trail order quantity?
Our MOQ is 10PCS, however, we would like to support our customer even 1 PC sample for testing.
4. How long is the delivery time for samples and bulk orders?
Generally within 3 working days for samples, 5-15 working days for bulk orders after receiving deposit.
5. What is the packing method?
Loaded into trays(hard pearl cotton) and packed into cardboard boxes.
6. How to delivery?
Samples delivered by express such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT , EMS,ARAMEX,SF express, we will use the way you prefer.
Bulk orders delivered by air cargo or shipping.
7. What is the payment terms?
we accept Bank Transfer, Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Alipay ,Cash and Ecrow terms,
the freight, insurance and both sides bank fee are borne by the buyer.
8. Where is thermoelectric cooler applied?
Thermoelectric cooler can be widely developed for enclosed area climate control such as telecom outdoor cabinet, battery cabinet, industry control cabinet, precision instrument, telecommunication parts, medicine equipment, military equipment, etc.


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