420L High Capacity modification outside car roof box black and white roof rack cargo box journeys car roof travel box

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Material New material ABS+acrylic PU
Open method Double open mode
Installation method U-shaped hook screw
Capacity 420L
Color black, white
Size(L*W*H) 150CM*80CM*33CM

The benefits of roof luggage: protect the roof, as a photography platform, so that the car is no longer crowded, so that the body is no longer mediocre, easy to control your journey. The bottom is equipped with high-quality Shao alloy reinforcing ribs that are safe and firm, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, convenient installation, strong practicability, excellent quality, strong load-bearing, sturdy and durable, fine design, exquisite workmanship, and instantly upgrade the grade.


420car roof box plastic 450lcar roof box plastic 450lcar roof box plastic 450lcar roof box plastic 450lcar roof box plastic 450l

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car roof box plastic 450l

The company mainly engaged in automotive appearance parts, cost-effective

car roof box plastic 450l


car roof box plastic 450lcar roof box plastic 450l

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car roof box plastic 450l


Standard export carton packing.

car roof box plastic 450l

1) Q: Is the quality good?

A: We are brand genuine! It is dedicated for special car, guaranteeing quality and quantity! No yellowing, no deformation, good loading effect, very durable, conscientious price, absolutely cost-effective!

2) Q: How to install the lampshade?

A: 1. (1) If you have an oven, it is the best. Just remove the back cover of the lamp and the bulb, then put it in the oven and heat it to 80 degrees, heating for 10 minutes, the glue will soften, the lampshade and The shell is easier to separate;

   (2) If you don’t have an oven, you have to use a hot air gun, aim at the lampshade and the glue part of the shell and  heat it section by section. After softening, insert it with a flat-blade screwdriver. Be careful not to apply too much force to avoid damage. The lampshade and the shell can be separated;

    2. Clean up the residual glue in the glue tank of the shell as much as possible, and then apply 703 glue to spread the glue as evenly as possible, as long as the depth of the glue tank is two-thirds of the depth;

    3. After removing the decorative frame on the old lampshade, install the decorative frame on the new lampshade, and then align the lampshade with the glue groove and close it;

After closing, put the whole lamp in a cool and dry place for 5 hours before loading the car. It can be used normally after 7-8 hours.

3) Q: How to install the mirror?

A: Kiss, you must first remove the mirror shell around the mirror lamp to install the mirror lamp. If your original lamp has cracked, it is easy to remove the jammed shell from the gap between the lamp and the shell. Otherwise, you must use a sheet tool to gently open the shell in the gap, usually by reversing first. Starting around the lamp, slowly remove the housing. After removing the shell, you can see that the mirror light inside is fixed by 3 screws, and the other light wires are plug-in parts. Remove the screws one by one, unplug the lamp wire, and then remove the old mirror lamp, then replace it with a new one, buckle the shell, and it will be OK.

4) Q: How to install the luggage rack?

A: 1. Surface cleaning: The sticking surface must be kept absolutely clean and dry. Generally, it can be cleaned with a cloth without fiber shedding or a car wash towel. 2. Product pasting: Before pasting the product, place the product on the place where it needs to be installed and adjust it well. After confirming the installation position of the product, tear off the 3M plastic protective paper behind the decorative sticker. Avoid finger contact with the plastic surface during operation. After the product is pasted, press hard to ensure sufficient contact and wetting of the plastic surface. (Before pasting, please heat the 3M glue, you can put it in the sun or blow it with a hair dryer) 3. After the product and the part are pasted, it must not be in contact with water and large dust within 24 hours to achieve the best adhesion.

5) Q: How to adjust the headlights?

A: The lighting adjustment method is as follows: 1: the light is shifted to the right, and you want to adjust it to the middle: the method is as follows: turn the lower screw on the back of the headlight counterclockwise to adjust the light to the middle, and vice versa. Note: The adjustment process needs to be adjusted slightly to avoid the situation that the adjusting screw rod falls off: 2: The light is too high, and you want to adjust it down: The method is as follows: turn counterclockwise, the light is low-key, and vice versa. Note: The adjustment process requires small adjustments to avoid the situation that the adjustment screw rod falls off.

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