Top Manufacturer Mechanical Type Ultrasonic Quilting Machine For Bedding Cover

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Machine Introduction:
The use of ultrasound technology to fit the way layers of material, Quilting sheets, bedspreads, clothing, seat covers, car covers, washing units, reflective materials and other products, but also called ultrasound wireless laminating machine, leather stamping machine, reflective material composite machine, the machine width sizes according to customer requirements.
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Machine Feature
1.100% chemical fibers and non-woven fabric, the pattern by the use of ultrasound roller persistent oscillation reaches Quilting effect.
2.Soft, large wide, multi-layered synthetic materials with the same series, with ultrasound stitching to complete.
3.The machine has high production efficiency, without preheating before the operation, as long as the boot can be carried ultrasound suture.
4. Roller by replacing the different flowers has different patterns, while replacing roller simple to complete in a short time.
5.Sets of ultrasonic welding head by sustained oscillation energy, and achieve no pinholes and flat appearance robustness of the suture results.
6.Using the whole imported vibrator super sonic output.
7.Optional according to customer demand Edge, trimming, tension control, etc. auxiliary periphery.
Dongguan Huitong Automatic Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in development of ultrasonic technology and Automatic equipment.
Our team has more than 10 years of professional experience of technology and practical in ultrasonic area.
Our main products are: automatic medical mask equipment, automatic 2D (folding) masks equipment, industrial masks manufacturing equipment, ultrasonic disposable manufacturing equipment, ultrasonic cloth cutting, slitting, embossing and ultrasonic non-woven fabrics products etc.

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