1kg graphite crucible factory price graphite crucible suppliers for gold melting

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Product Overview


Main Feature
* "Hige Density : 1.8-1.95g/cm3
* Material type: Isostatic Graphite"
* Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: Small
* Low ash rate: less than 0.1%"
* Good Thermal Conductivity & High Temperature Resistance
* Excellent thermal conductivity: for fast heating and cooling
* Longer life cycle: Well corrosion resistance to strong acid and alkali
* Good thermal conductivity properties which highly shorten the melting time and save energy
* High-purity, high-strength, high-density graphite materials
* Precise dimension: Processed by high-precision CNC machining
* Attractive appearance: hand made polishing
* WIDE APPLICATION : Gold, Silver, Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Plumbum, etc.

Products Description

Features & Details
【HIGH PURITY GRAPHITE】- With 99.9% high-purity graphite and 1.8-1.9g/cm³ high density, our crucible is not easy to be doped with
impurities during the smelting process and can be used to melting high-purity precious metals.
【GREAT THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY】- This small graphite crucible has excellent thermal conductivity properties, which can highly shorten the melting time and save energy.
【RELIABLE QUALITY】- Using high-quality craftsmanship, our graphite furnace can be used up to a maximum temperature of 1300℃. Not easy to crack during high-temperature casting, long service life. Pour opening groove design makes it easy to use.
【STABLE PROPERTIES】- Compared to clay graphite crucibles, our high-purity graphite crucibles can still maintain stability when exposed to
strong acids and alkalis and are not prone to be corroded and oxidized.
【WIDE APPLICATION】- In metallurgy, foundry, machinery, chemical, and other industrial sectors, graphite crucibles are widely used in non-ferrous metal smelting, such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, and lead.

Customer Reviews

Graphite Crucible Feature and Advantage

Stable Performance
High-quality materials and processes make our graphite crucibles have excellent stability and avoid extreme corrosion and oxidation.
Great Thermostability
Our graphite crucible can be used normally even at a high temperature of 1300℃. Not afraid of high temperature for more prolonged use.
Up to 3000℃ at inert gas or vacumn environment
Rapid Heating
With outstanding thermal conductivity, the graphite crucible can heat up quickly, saving time and energy.

99.9% Pure Graphite
Unlike other ordinary graphite crucibles, our high-purity graphite crucible has high density also a delicate and shiny surface.
Versatile Usage
This high-purity graphite crucible that can be used in metal smelting furnaces is ideal for melting gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals.
Easy to Use
Thanks to the dumping groove design, the graphite crucible for melting metal is more convenient to use.

1KG Graphite Crucible

This 1 kg high purity graphite crucible for melting metal has reliable quality. 99.9% high-purity purity allows excellent
thermostability and performance, which is not easy to be corroded and oxidized, and the groove makes it convenient to use.
Non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, and aluminum can be melted in this graphite crucible.
* High Purity Graphite
* Great Thermal Conductivity
* Reliable Quality
* Stable Properties

Maximum Operating Temperature:
Top Diameter: 
58 mm (2.28 inch)
Bottom Diameter:
47 mm (1.85 inch)
Inner Diameter:
 * 35 mm (1.38 inch)
* Height: 88 mm (3.46 inch)
Gross Weight:
0.45 kg (1 lbs)
Package Size:
7.5 x 7.5 x 10.5 cm (2.95 x 2.95 x 4.13 inch)
Product Size:
 58 x 88 mm (2.28 x 3.46 inch)

3 - 25 KG Clay Graphite Foundry Crucible Melting Furnace Refining Gold Silver

Dimensions #3KG:
Height: 118mm/4.65"
Outer diameter: 105mm/4.13"
Inner diameter: 88mm/3.46"
Bottom diameter: 75mm/2.95"
Dimensions #5KG:
Height: 128mm/5.04"
Outer diameter: 120mm/4.72"
Inner diameter: 92mm/3.62"
Bottom diameter: 93mm/3.66"
Dimensions #8KG:
Height: 175mm/6.89"
Outer diameter: 150mm/5.9"
Inner diameter: 120mm/4.72"
Bottom diameter: 100mm/3.94"
Dimensions #12KG:
Height: 180mm/7.09"
Outer diameter: 160mm/6.3"
Inner diameter: 130mm/5.12"
Bottom diameter: 120mm/4.72"
Dimensions #16KG:
Height: 200mm/7.87"
Outer diameter: 175mm/6.89"
Inner diameter: 132mm/5.2"
Bottom diameter: 125mm/4.92"
18kg Crucible
outer top diameter 200mm
Inner top diameter 165mm
Height 265mm
Base outer diameter 145mm
Weight 5035gms
Dimensions #25KG:
Height: 250mm/9.84"
Outer diameter: 200mm/7.87"
Inner diameter: 168mm/6.61"
Bottom diameter: 140mm/5.51"
Dimensions #20KG:
Height: 210mm/8.27"
Outer diameter: 180mm/7.09"
Inner diameter: 144mm/5.67"
Bottom diameter: 130mm/5.12"

Application Area

The body of the graphite crucible smelting material is crystalline form natural graphite.Therefore it keeps its original natural graphite of various physical and chemical properties.Use special high purity graphite materials, graphite material of high strength, high density;Excellent technical personnel;High precision CNC processing equipment, etc., can give customers to provide excellent performance of graphite crucible of smelting, casting crucible, graphite groove, laguan, pull, pull rods, mold and other graphite products.

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Company Profile

As the leading factory, City mayor visited our company and guide we for the future:
- Keep on renovation
- Social responsibility
- Long term stategic planning
Advanced equipment with
- 8 CNC center
- 5 production line
- 5 wire saw
- OEM team
- Many Machining equipments
Full range graphite product
- Diamond segment mold
- Tube, rod, plate etc
- Crucible, ingot
- Mechanical applications
- Special Graphite: Isotropic

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