Rich nutrition healthy popular cooking salt refined from cambodia

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Fleur de sel from cambodia

The salt is made by drying salt flowers (crystals) floating on the surface of seawater using only the sun and wind.
In the case of "sun-dried salt," the seawater is drawn into the salt field and dried by the sun and wind, so the nutrients (minerals such as potassium and calcium) contained in the seawater are condensed directly into the salt. Process - drying in the sun

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200 G
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12 Packs

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Metal-works is our core business,operating since a quarter century ago. We value the food and culture that has supported this metal-works since the founding.
1,inductionheating machine
2,inductionheating coil
3,peripheral equipment for metal heat treatment
4,fermented food
6,soy sauce
8,natural food

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