Deck Filler Holder for Bayonet Gas Tank Cap Built-in Plastic Housing and Connection for Diesel Fuel Flexible Hose diam. 60 mm

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Product Overview


Product Description

Flush-mount plastic compartment 60 mm series in technopolymer, for connection to filling fuel flexible hose diam. 60 mm.

These niches are supplied in combination with some of our internal bayonet tank caps passage diameter 40 mm.

We can produce our flush-mount plastic compartment for plug housing in a wide range of colors (black, blue, red, green, white) to meet the most varied aesthetic requirements or allow a better identification of the type of fluid to be loaded into the tank.

This product is also supplied in different combinations, with or without vent connections, filters, chains or cables for caps retention, to meet specific needs in the various application sectors; moreover it can be realized with all metal components in stainless steel for nautical applications and corrosive environments.

We supply variants with caps with fixed code key or with the universal fixed code key 455. In this case, a single key allows to open all the components with keyed alike locking system, for example in a soundproofed cabin of power generator (cap with key, push button actuator with key, handle with key, selector switch activator key). Our keys cod. 455 are perfectly interchangeable with the other ones with same code on the market.

Our built-in housings for filling caps are wildly used, for example, on soundproofed enclosures of power generators and lighting towers, on canopy of earth moving machines, excavators and special vehicles, such as locomotives, fire escape vehicles and so on.

The careful selection of raw materials and the adoption of innovative and rigorous production processes allow us to always guarantee quality and reliability of our product.
We perform several strength and durability tests and tests for product quality control during the various processing phases. On request we can issue the relevant certificates in compliance with national and international regulations.

The price range is indicative and depends on type of chosen cap, materials and quantities. For more information on variants and accessories, please contact us.


Plastic; Steel; Stainless Steel
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Tappi Stampati
Model Number
We only sell the whole system: niche, cap, filler neck with connection
For fuel flexible hose diam. 60 mm
Niche colors as indicated. Ask for price
Types w/different bayonet caps passage diam. 40 mm with or without key
Vent connections, filters, chains or cables. Ask for price
Fuel Tank Parts
Canopy of gen sets and earth moving machines, special vehicles, etc
Industry standards
RoHS compliant

Packing & Delivery

Carton boxes, europallets.
We use only high quality and resistant packaging, specifically indicated for transports on long distances.

Company Profile

Tappi Stampati is a historical Italian company that, since 1972, has been designing and manufacturing fuel tank caps, mechanical level gauges, fuel filling systems and flush-mount plastic compartments, for fuel, lubricant and auxiliary tanks.

We manufacture all our products into our factory based in Bologna and the 40% of our revenue comes from export within different sectors, like generating sets, motor pumps, agriculture, manufacturing, scooters and motorcycles, nautical and hydraulic industry, etc..

The experience acquired during almost 50 years of activity contributed to the success of Tappi Stampati that, still now, is considered one of the main points of reference in its field, both at national and international level.
Even today, all items are appreciated and used by the most prestigious manufacturers in the different market, to the extent that the Company can boast customers in all continents.

Our main strengths are:

- the highest quality and reliability of all our products, that can be used without any problem also in hostile environment, with low or high temperatures, dust, etc.;

- the support to all our Customers in looking for the best solutions for their specific needs, putting our technical knowledge at disposal to understand and analyze their requests, for their full satisfaction and in order to establish with them a continuous and long lasting relationship;

- the particular importance given, in all products, included the ones destined to industrial fields, not only to functionality and safety, but to aesthetic aspect too, thanks to the experience in motorcycles sector;

- the quality and guarantee of all items, ensured by the use of top-grade raw materials, certified according to the current European and American laws, as well as by the great care and professionalism put into designing and productive process, realized entirely in Italy with state-of-the-art tools and machines operated by highly specialized staff;

- the design of our products, made to simplify and make faster their installation in most application. At request we can also supply the whole assembly kit, that is cap, screws, gaskets, filters, safety chain, ecc.; we also supply fillers or fitting inserts to be welded or screwed on tanks, for the correct assembling of all our caps.

Some components' manufacturers, given the increasing interest of the market, have tried to copy several products of our, thus attacking the market with similar solutions but of much lower quality and not consistent with current European and American safety regulations, that are today the highest reference standards and the best guarantee for users. Our products, on the contrary, is not only competitive thanks to the high organizational capacity and the optimized production processes, but it complies with all applicable safety regulations and it is designed and manufactured respecting the rights of people we work with as well as safety at the work and environmental regulations.


1. What detailed information do you need before supply?
We need to know the following information: diameter of flexible hose for connection to the tank, type of cap (with or without key etc.), application, type of liquid in the tank, quantity.

2. Are you trading company or manufacturer?
We are Italian manufacturer specialized in high quality fuel tank caps, mechanical level gauges and other components for fuel tanks of different secors. Since 1972.

3. How can you guarantee quality?
It is possible to provide a pre-production sample to be tested before order: please contact us for specifics.
We always run a final inspection before shipment.

4.What can I buy from you?
Fuel tank caps, mechanical level gauge caps, caps with key, filler necks, protective compartments for emergency stop push button.

5. Why should I buy from you and not from other suppliers?
We have almost 50 years experience of design and manufacture of fuel tank caps, mechanical level gauge caps, flush-mount plastic niches and fuel filling systems. All our products are exclusively made in Italy. We also have a wide range of spare tank caps.

6. How long is your lead time?
The lead time for the minimum order quantity of 36 pieces is generally 6 days from order confirmation, but it also depends on the ordered quantity: please contact us for specifics

7. How can I pay?
We accept T/T bank and Paypal.

8. How can I have the best offer?
Prices depend on types and materials. The more quantity you order, the better discount we can offer.
For more information on variants and accessories, please contact us.

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