20Hp 5Ton 60 Ton Scroll Water Cooling Air Conditioning Equipment

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air cooled chiller
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A chiller is a machine that eliminates heat from a fluid through a vapor-pressure, adsorption refrigeration, or absorption refrigeration cycles. This fluid would then be able to be circled through a heat exchanger to cool gear, or another interaction stream, (for example, air or cycle water). As an essential side-effect, refrigeration makes squander heat that should be depleted to feel, or for more noteworthy effectiveness, recuperated for heating purposes.Vapor pressure chillers may utilize any of various kinds of compressors. Most normal today are the hermetic scroll, semi-hermetic screw, or centrifugal compressors. The condensing side of the chiller can be either air or water cooled. In any event, when fluid cooled, the chiller is regularly cooled by an initiated or forced draft cooling tower. Absorption and adsorption chillers require a heat source to work

Up to 7 communication ports to interface with the most popular protocols in local networks or BMS and with devices equipped with serial communication

Various displays that can be programmed for each request of performance, price and aesthetics, with intuitive interfaces rich in information

Complete backward compatibility with the pCO3/pCO5 range, to guarantee investments and know how of DECENT MACHINERY customers


DECENT MACHINERY experience in the management of direct and indirect adiabatic humidification for the cooling of the air, with consequent benefits in terms of energy saving.

World wide monitoring and supervising systems for the management of information and the optimization of the performance of entire systems

Production of specific electrical panels, integrated in power and electronics, with quality solutions and responsive to system requirements and regulations in force.


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Deposits from customers in the UK, Afghanistan, and Kenya 

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We have the following services:

1.We are online 24 hours.

2.We can customize AHU according to your requirements.

3.We can supply Siemens, ABB and other brand motors.

4.We can reduce the noise to below 80DB.

5.Equipment color can also be customized according to your preferences.

6.Each of our equipments will be debugged before leaving the factory.

7.We will shoot the assembly steps video for our customers.

8.We can provide CE/ISSGS/SABER /TUV certifications and BV report.













Q1:  Can you meet customer requirements for the brands and voltages of motors and compressors?

Of course, our Motors support ABB, Siemens and other famous brands; Compressors we can provide different brands such as , , Copeland, etc.; The voltage can be matched according to the customer's local voltage

Q2: How can I get the price of AHU?

We need to know the Most basic parameters: airflow, pressure, voltage, cooling capacity/heating capacity, and local environmental conditions; if you don’t know these parameters, you can also tell us your existing requirements, and we will follow you Selection guide.

Q3: What is the difference between water-cooled and air-cooled units?

Generally speaking, water-cooled units rely on water to take away heat, while air-cooled units rely on air to take away heat. The air-cooled unit is suitable for long-term operation, the price is low, and the installation is simple, but the heat dissipation effect is lower than that of the water-cooled unit; The water-cooled unit is suitable for areas with sufficient water resources, with long life, low noise and better heat dissipation effect, but the cost is higher than that of the air-cooled unit

Q4: I have a factory/room/hotel with an area of about 500m² and height of 3m. How much airflow of AHU is suitable for me?

The airflow of 9000m³/h is enough, If you have other requirements, you can also tell us for further details.

Q5: What compressors are commonly used in your refrigeration units?

Generally speaking, there are five types of compressors used in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry: Reciprocating compressor, Screw Compressor, Rotating Compressor, Scroll compressor and Centrifugal compressor, the most commonly used are Screw and Scroll

Q6: We want to have our company's logo on the product, can you please?

Of course yes, you can send us the logo drawing of your company, our Design Department will design your logo, and after your confirmation, we will paste the logo on the product


What is the panel material of the AHU?


AHUs panels generally use double-layer color steel plate or cold-rolled steel plate powder spraying (some of the inner side panels of the bottom plate are made of stainless steel), and the insulation material in the middle is mostly polyurethane foam or flame-retardant centrifugal glass cotton


What kind of units are suitable for airports, exhibition halls and large industrial plants?


Of course, we have done the Panama Hilton project before. The customer used it in the hotel. Generally speaking, the air volume of the ceiling-mounted air conditioning unit is not particularly large. It can be widely used in shopping malls, restaurants, offices, hotels, theaters, etc.


Can you select the unit according to the room area?


Yes, The customer needs to provide us with the length, width, height, local humidity and temperature of the entire space, and the customer's temperature and humidity requirements, and maximum number of people in rooms


What is the difference between fresh air unit and air conditioning unit?


A: The FAHU is used to handle fresh air. In a large building, the FAHU is generally used in conjunction with a fan coil.

B:The FAHU mainly deals with outdoor air, while the air conditioner unit handles the air treated by the FAHU

C: Generally speaking, FAHU does not bear the heat and humidity load of the air-conditioning area, and the main function is to send fresh air

D:AHU load The heat and humidity load of the air-conditioned area has a comprehensive treatment effect on the air in the air-conditioned area while ensuring a certain amount of fresh air. Air conditioning units usually mainly control the temperature, humidity and air quality in the air-conditioned area, and the air handling process is generally more complicated.







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