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Product Overview


Kaolin Clay is a non-metallic ore with main components of SiOand Al2O3. The pure kaolin is white, fine, soft with good plasticity and fire resistance. Clacined kaolin is derived from the washed kaolin after high temprature sintering at 1700oC, while meta-kaolin is obtained from washed kaolin as well after sintering at relatively low temperature between 600oC to 800oC. Kaolin  has become a necessary mineral raw material for dozens of industries such as papermaking, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings and national defense; etc.


Product features: 

-- Stickiness and thixotropy

-- Sinterability

-- Fire resistance

-- Suspension

-- Adsorption

-- Chemically stable

-- Electrical insulation


Washed Kaolin200
Calcined Kaolin325


Applications of Kaolin:


Rubber Industry:

Calcined kaolin has high purity, low impurity content, and extremely low heavy metal content. It belongs to the layered structure of the heteroaxial crystal system. After surface modification, it is used in rubber products. It is easy to be wetted by the rubber material and improves the dispersion effect and reinforcement performance. At the same time, it improves mechanical strength, enhances wear resistance and chemical stability, prolongs the hardening time of rubber, significantly improves the vulcanization effect and reduces the amount of raw rubber. It can completely or partially replace white carbon black, effectively reducing costs. 


Insulated Electronics Industry:

Calcined kaolin has a comprehensive property of good electical insulation. After surface modification, it can improve the compatibility of system components, promote plasticization, and reduce melt viscosity, increase the adsorption surface and activity, adsorb the residual conductive ions in the insulating electronic material, improve the insulation and increase the volume resistivity by more than four times. Improve the surface gloss of products, increase dimensional stability, good precision, chemical corrosion resistance, and increase insulation stability in a humid environment. 


Plastics Industry:

Calcined kaolin has a uniform particle size distribution. After surface modification, it is used in the plastic industry to improve the surface finish of plastic products. In the plastic system, it has strong cross-linking with resin and strong chemical inertness. It hardly reacts with any reagents at room temperature. It can improve the acid and alkali resistance and chemical corrosion resistance of the product, increase the Tg(glass softening temperature), and effectively reduce product cost. 


Used in PE agriculture film to enhance the aging resistance of agriculture film, prolong its service life


In PP, the composite material formed with PP has good anti-ultraviolet performance and improved anti-aging performance. 


Ink Industry:

Kaolin has been widely applied in ink industry and it has the following advantages:

Excellent coverage rate;

Improve the adsorption ability;

Good weather resistance;

Good leveling and gloss;

Enhance the viscosity of the ink and increase the solid content;

Good anti-settling effect;


Paints&Coatings Industry:

Strong adsorption ability--make the paints&coatings maintain bright colors for a long time. 

Good leveling and gloss--improve refraction rate and coverage rate.

Good dispersion and suspension--make product more competitive.

Fit in the demand of environment protection. 



Building Materials:

Meta-kaolin is widely used in concrete to play a reinforcement role nowadays. 


Due to the excellent properties of kaolin, it has been used in other industries

as well such as ceramics, fertilizers and live-stock feed, etc. 




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