Spray Dryer, whey spray drying equipment

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Product Overview


Product Overview

LGP Series High-speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer

Spray drying is the most widely used technology in liquid shaping and drying industry.Which is the most suitable for producing solid power or particle products from liquid material such as solution,emulsion,suspension and pumpable paste states.So if you want Particle size distribution,Residual moisture content,Bulk density and Particle shape must meet the precise standard,the spray drying is the best choice


The air enters into the air distributor on the top of the dryer after filtered and heated.The hot air enters into the drying room spirally and uniformly.The solution will spay into tiny mist liquid go through the high-speed centrifugal sprayer on the top of the tower.Through the very short time of contacting the heart air, the materials can be dried into the final products.The final products will be discharged continuously from the bottom of the drying tower and from the cyclones.Exhaust gas discharged by fan.

Chemical industry
Food industry

Main technical design
1.Atomizing way:
Centrifugal atomizing or pressure atomizing

2.Air - filtering system
Pre & Middle air filter and HEPA

3.Input system:
Adjustable Screw or mono Pump

4.Heating way:
Electric, natural gas or other heating way

5.Dust exhaust system:
Cyclone separater×2 + water film duster or pulse bag filter

6.Collect product system:
Discharge interminately by Cyclone separater and Main tower chamber

7.Control system:
The atomizer is adjusted stably by frequency conversion control; inlet and outlet temperature inside can be set up precisely. PLC control . Touch screen




(1)Chemical industry:NaF(KF)、Basic dye pigment、Dye intermediates、Compound fertilizer、Formaldehyde silicic acid、catalyzer、Sulphuric acid、amino acid、Silica etc.
(2)Plastic resin:AB,ABS emulsion、urea resin、phenolic resin、Melamine formaldehyde resin、polyethylene、polyvinyl chloride etc.
(3)Food industry:Fat rich milk powder、Prion、Cocoa milk powder、Milk replacer、Blood powder、Egg white etc.
(4)Food and plants:oats、broth prepared by steaming chicken、Coffee、Instant tea、Spiced meat、protein、soybean、Peanut protein、Hydrolysate etc.
(5)Sugars:Corn syrup、corn starch、glucose、pectin、malt dust、Potassium sorbate etc.
(6)Ceramics:alumina、Ceramic tile material、magnesium oxide、talc etc.

Successful Project

Project in Thailand
Project in India
Project in Russia


1.Can I use this machine to extract some raw materials?
Yes, in order to help you better, we suggest you provide the name of the raw material you want to process.
2.Can I use my own raw materials for extraction test?
Yes, of course. We can do extraction tests and send videos and test reports for your reference.
3.Do you have OEM service? Do you provide parts?
Yes, we will, as long as you provide us with your drawings and detailed requirements.
4.How can we visit your factory?
You can fly to Changzhou airport, or if you arrive in Shanghai, you can tell us your specific location. We will arrange a driver to pick you up.
5.How to transport equipment?
We usually choose sea transportation. Laboratory models can be shipped by air according to customer requirements.
6.What is the voltage of the equipment?
The equipment voltage is 380V, if the user requires 220V, the specific can be customized according to the voltage standard of the country where your equipment is used.
7.what is your after-sales service?
We provide the English manual of the equipment manual. If you need, we will send an engineer to install and train workers.

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