XABC supply Lumbrokinase from Earthworm extract CAS:556743-18-1

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(Lumbrokinase)is a new enzyme supplement known to benefit the circulation and characteristics of the blood. It is a promising new tool for those seeking to protect from heart disease. it contains the enzyme lumbrokinase, which has been shown to assist with the breakdown of fibrin, a protein involved in blood clotting.  It has proven valuable in acute, sub-acute, and chronic conditions associated with clotting tendencies and poor circulation.

 Supplementing with lum helps to maintain an optimal environment for healthy circulation.  It is also recommended for people using this supplementation . Long term toxicological tests in experimental animals showed that lumbrokinase is non toxic, free of side effects on the functioning of the heart, liver, kidney, respiratory and nervous systems.


Lumbrokinase is a new thrombolytic medicine, which is safe, non-toxic, with no obvious side-effects, and convenient to use in clinical practice.

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Lumbrukinase extracted from earthworm alimentary canal.
Lumbrukinasehas the functions of hydrolyzing fibrin directly as well as indirectly by activating plasminogen into plasmin.
The product has evident anti-thrombus and thrombolytic effects. Lumbrokinase in the medical profession is known as the King of thrombolytic therapy, extraction in the earthworm. Apply to affected area after the rapid infiltration of silt to dissolve the clot resistance to vascular flow, varicose veins falling gradually


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