OEM/ODM Premium Quality Private Label Immune Booster Eye Health Support Lutein Ester Gummies

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OEM/ODM Premium Quality Private Label Immune Booster Eye Health Support Lutein Ester Gummies
Enhance immunity, relieve cataract, arteriosclerosis, and improve vision. Lutein lipid is a very common substance,

and its effect is relatively broad, such as strengthening the body's immunity, alleviating cataracts or arteriosclerosis,

and improving vision. Lutein esters are widely found in fruits and vegetables, such as corn, pumpkin, and peaches.

People can also improve their physical fitness by taking lutein lipid drugs.

Lutein lipids can prevent high myopia or sequelae of myopia, because lutein lipids can supplement eye nutrition

and reduce the occurrence of disease. Lutein esters can help reduce macular degeneration,

eye disease and other conditions, and can help the elderly to change their vision.

Retina Health Guard

The importance of lutein has been affirmed by nutrition circles around the world;

the reason why the macula of human eyes is yellow is because it is full of lutein and its homologs.

Lutein filters blue light and has anti-oxidant effects. It is a key nutrient element that helps the development

of the eyes. Therefore, some people also compare lutein to "invisible sunglasses."

Blue light is 400-500 nanometer high-energy light (an invisible blue light wave in sunlight),

and excessive amounts can cause damage to the retina. Especially infants and young children are worth noting.

Because the lens of a baby is relatively clear at birth, about 70-80% of the blue light can penetrate the lens

to reach the retina at the age of 0-2, and about 60-70% of the blue light can reach the retina at the age of 2-10.

At the same time, the baby's retina is full of tiny blood vessels to deliver more oxygen

to meet the needs of development, which also increases the number of oxygen free radicals that have attack

and destructive effects. DHA, an important substance that promotes retinal development, is easily oxidized.

Therefore, in the early life, especially from birth to 4 years old, the role of lutein is particularly important.

It can effectively filter blue light, resist DHA oxidation, and help protect the retina of infants and young children.

So more absorption is needed.

For babies, no matter when, breast milk is the best food for babies.

He Zhiqian said that lutein is a component in breast milk. Breast milk studies in 9 cities around the world found

that every liter of breast milk contains an average of 25 micrograms of lutein.

Supplementary pigment

Lutein esters are decomposed into free lutein after being absorbed by the human body,

which has the basic function of crystalline lutein to supplement the loss of lutein from the body

(the supplementary consumption should be ≤12 mg/day).

(1) Replenish the density of macular pigment in the macular region of the human eye's retina,

protect the macula, and promote the development of the macula.

(2) Protect eyes from light damage, delay eye aging and prevent pathological changes.

(3) Antioxidant helps prevent cardiovascular sclerosis, coronary heart disease and tumor diseases

caused by body aging.

(4) Protect eyesight and relieve symptoms of asthenopia; (blurred vision, dry eyes, swollen eyes, eye pain,

photophobia, etc.)

(5) Prevent macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa,

and reduce the production of drusen.


Natural lutein ester is an important carotenoid fatty acid ester, the main configuration is all-trans,

with a C=C long chain hair color group, showing a gorgeous golden color.

There are no active hydroxyl groups on both sides, so lutein ester is a very stable food coloring agent.

It is very stable to light, heat and air, and can be widely used in food, beverage,

cosmetics and other application fields, and has broad application prospects. At the same time, after it is emulsified,

it can be made into a water-soluble colorant. Natural lutein esters will replace chemically synthesized

food-grade colorants and improve people's health.

Prevent AMD use

An important biological function of lutein is to protect the retina from damage caused by blue light

that is close to ultraviolet wavelengths. Age-related Macular Degenera-tion (AMD) found globally is a major

cause of blindness among people over 65 years of age.

After the natural lutein ester and zeaxanthin ester are taken into the human body,

they are hydrolyzed into free lutein and zeaxanthin under the action of human lipase.

They are deposited in the macula of the fundus of human eyes at a high concentration and

can be used as an absorber of near-ultraviolet blue light. They can protect the retina by capturing free radicals,

preventing or reducing the damage caused by oxidation and free radicals to the retina,

and can effectively reduce the incidence of AMD.

So far, a large number of studies on lutein esters have been published in scientific journals,

including many clinical trials on humans. A series of studies have shown that after ingesting lutein esters,

the level of lutein in the blood increases, confirming that lutein esters can be easily converted into free lutein

in the body. Further experiments studied the effect of supplementing lutein esters on increasing the density

of retinal macular pigment. These studies have found that after taking lutein esters,

the macular pigment density is significantly increased. This phenomenon has appeared in both healthy people

and early AMD patients. This shows that the diseased macula can also obtain stable lutein from lutein esters,

and even patients who have been diagnosed with AMD can benefit from lutein ester supplements.

The fact that AMD patients can benefit from lutein supplements is confirmed

by the lutein antioxidant supplement test. This is a 12-month, placebo-controlled intervention experiment.

The subjects are elderly men with AMD. The experiment uses lutein or a mixture of lutein esters and

antioxidants to supplement the subjects. The results of the experiment found that the subject’s macular

pigment density was increased by 50%, and the eye function was also considerably improved.

Boost immunity

The latest research has found that, at the overall level of animals, supplementing

with lutein can promote the proliferation of lymphocytes stimulated by antigens

and affect the functional expression of cell surface molecules.

Lutein's regulation of cellular immunity is mainly manifested in the relationship

with cell apoptosis and gene regulation.

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