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Place of Origin
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W1 W2
Water meter, flow meter
Chemical Composition
Product name
tungsten ball
Customers' Requirements
Wooden Packing
Delivery time
15-20 Days
Main Market
Europe and the United States

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Packing & Delivery

Packaging details:
1.The first layer: Packing with plastic bags and desiccant
2. The second layer: Packing with inner small boxes
3.The third layer: Packing products in standard outer carton boxes
4. The forth layer: Packing with water-proof tape and packing tape

Shipping terms:
We could offer shipping by sea , by air and international express service such as Fedex, UPS, TNT, DHL etc. By train for European customers
Many express companies cooperated with our company for many years , They will provide the lowest freight and best service
And we will compare the offer and choose the best one for your reference.

Company Profile


Luoyang Combat Tungsten & Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyang. Based on abundant resources, our company is professionally manufacturing & trading tungsten, molybdenum and their alloy products.

Main products:
1. Molybdenum products:
1) Pure molybdenum products: molybdenum powder, slabs, bars, rolling plates, sheets, rods (electrodes), wires, crucibles, boats, funnels and other special shape molybdenum products.
2) Molybdenum alloy products: MLR plates, MLR rods, TZM plates, wires and other molybdenum alloy products.
2. Tungsten products:
1) Pure tungsten products: tungsten powder, slabs, bars, rolling plates, sheets, rods (electrodes), wires, crucibles, boats, funnels and other special shapes.
2) Tungsten alloy products: alloy wires, alloy rods (electrodes), alloy crucibles, and other special shape tungsten alloy.
3. Alloy products:
1) Tungsten-copper alloy, silver-tungsten alloy, molybdenum-copper alloy, molybdenum-tungsten alloy.
2) Tungsten nickel copper alloy and tungsten nickel iron alloy.

Combat Company has a young, energetic, and creative team, committed to producing high-quality products, offering competitive prices and timely delivery. We sincerely hope to cooperate with all partners to seek common development and achieve win-win and mutually beneficial purposes.


Q: what is the size of your tungsten products?
A:For tungsten wire, the diameter is from 0.008mm~3.2mm.
For tungsten rod, the diameter is from 2mm~100mm, length is from 50mm~2000mm.
For tungsten sheet, the thickness is from 0.05mm~2mm, the width is from 50mm~600mm, the max length is 600mm.
For tungsten plate, the thickness is from 2.1~25mm, the width is from 30mm~600mm, the max length is 600mm.
For tungsten boat, the thickness is from 0.2mm~0.5nn, the width is from 5mm~25mm, the max length is 100mm.
For tungsten tube, the diameter is from 25mm~340mm, the max length is 650mm.
For tungsten crucible,the diameter is from 10mm~500mm, the height is from 10mm~750mm, the thickness is from 2mm~20mm.

Q: what is the surface of your tungsten products?
A:For tungsten wire, we have graphite black surface, alkali cleaning surface, electric polished surface.
For tungsten rod, we have balck surface and polished surface.
For tungsten sheet, we have alkali cleaning surface and bright surface.
For tungsten plate, we have polished surface.
For tungsten boat, we have alkali cleaning surface.
Foe tungsten tube, we have machined surface.
For tungsten crucible, we have machined surface.

Q: What is the normal use environment of pure tungsten products? How many degrees of high temperature can tungsten withstand?
A: Normally, pure tungsten products can be used in the high temperature vacuum environment, so that they can exert their superior high temperature performance. If it is used in air condition under the high temperature of over 400 degrees, tungsten will react with oxygen and produce WO2. Because the melting point of tungsten is 3410 degrees, it can withstand up to 3300 degrees. But its normal working temperature is 1800~2600 degrees.

Q:What is the thinnest tungsten sheet?
We can achieve the thinnest thickness of 0.025mm, and only a few factories in China can achieve this thickness.

Q: what is the properties of tungsten heavy alloy?
A:(1)High density: 17-18.5g/cc;
(2) High hardness and high strength;
(3) High thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion;
(4) Good electrical and thermal conductivity;
(5) Excellent machining performance;
(6) Absorption capacity for X-rays and gamma rays;
(7) For W-Ni-Cu tungsten heavy alloy, it is non-magnetic.

Q:Can you produce WL20 tungsten electrode as per our physical properties and chemical composition requirements?
A:Regarding WL20 tungsten electrode products, The standard we generally implement is ISO 6848-2004. We can also produce customized products. If you have special requirements for physical properties and chemical composition, please send them to us, our technical staff will evaluate your requirements.

How long is the service life of your tungsten crucible?
Usually it is about half a year to a year. In addition, the service life also depends on your use environment and temperature. If the contact temperature is too high, it will affect the service life of the crucible.
We will recommend suitable material & sizes for you according to your requirements.

Q:What are the types or grades of tungsten copper alloy?
A:According to different chemical composition content, divide into different product grade levels: For example, if the tungsten content is 70 percent and the copper content is 30 percent, we will call the grade name W70Cu30.  And so on, we have W75Cu25, W80Cu20,W90Cu10 etc.
All types of tungsten copper alloys vary in density, hardness, electrical conductivity, bending strength and other aspect.

Q: What are the advantages of your tungsten copper alloy products?
A:High quality products, the most preferential lowest price, strong productivity and supply capacity, quality after-sales service.

Q: What’s the best selling of Tungsten Copper alloy items?
A:We often export W50/Cu50, W75/Cu25n W70/Cu30, W80/Cu20, W90/Cu10. Also can customized according to your detail requirements.

Q:What is the normal average grain size of tungsten and molybdenum targets we supply?
A:For tungsten target, average grain size is less than 100μm normally between 50~60μm;
For molybdenum target, average grain size is less than 50μm.

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As a professional exporter, our target is to serve worldwide clients with high-quality products, great reliability, devoted responsibility, professional services and honorable credibility to meet customers' requirements in all aspects. Offering skillful after-sale-service, specialists are available for all customers at 7*24 hours every week. As for payment, except for (L/C, TT etc), our company also accepts all kinds of emerging payment terms (like Western Union, MoneyGram, Escrow etc)to provide convenience for you. Please select the most satisfactory payment term and we will fully meet your demands.

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