Tcl/tcm Series Tri-rod Adjustable Standard Double Acting Airtac Pneumatic Cylinder

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Airtac TCL/TCM series Tri-rod pneumatic cylinder




1. The compatibility of the product is the responsibility of the person who designs the equipment or decides its specifications.

Since the product specified here is used under various operating conditions, its compatibility with specific equipment must be decided by the person who designs the equipment or decides its specifications based on necessary analysis and test results. The expected performance and safety assurance of the equipment will be the responsibility of the person who has determined its compatibility with the product. This person should also continuously review all specifications of the product referring to its latest catalog information, with a view to giving due consideration to any possibility of equipment failure when configuring the equipment.

2. Only personnel with appropriate training should operate machinery and equipment.

The product specified here may become unsafe if handled incorrectly. The assembly, operation and maintenance of machines or equipment including our products must be performed by an operator who is appropriately trained and experienced.

3. Do not service or attempt to remove product and machinery/ equipment until safety is confirmed.

 1. The inspection and maintenance of machinery/equipment should only be performed after measures to prevent falling or runaway of the driven objects have been confirmed.

 2. When the product is to be removed, confirm that the safety measures as mentioned above are implemented and the power from any appropriate source is cut, and read and understand the specific product precautions of all relevant products carefully. 3. Before machinery/equipment is restarted, take measures to prevent unexpected operation and malfunction.


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