CaF2 85% Wet fluorite powder price of fluorite made in China

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Fluorite powder
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Sufficient stock fluorite ore price fluorite powder for plastic

Acid-spar is floated by common fluorite ore (CaF2 around 30%), in order to obtain high grade fluorite raw materials (CaF2 ≥ 97%),
froth flotation has been the most commonly used beneficiation process for fluorite ores, employing fatty acid collectors.
Application: Acid-spar, the grade of fluorspar, which acts as an intermediate source for most of the fine chemicals containing
fluorine, accounts for approximately 55-60% of total fluorspar production, with the principal applications being: Aluminium
production – used to produce aluminium fluoride (ALF3) which acts as a flux to lower the bath temperature in the manufacture of
aluminium. Chemical industry to manufacture hydrofluoric acid (HF), the primary source of all fluorochemicals (the single largest
consumer of fluorspar), the HF is then used to manufacture a variety of products which include: fluorocarbon chemicals,
refrigerants and a variety fluoride chemicals. Other application further downstream are: Fluorocarbons, e.g. refrigerant gases,
propellants, etc Electrical and electronic appliances Lithium batteries Pharmaceuticals, polymers and agrochemicals
Petrochemical catalysts electronic and electrical equipment

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