Indoor and Outdoor Decorative Fire Pits or Fireplaces Fire Glass Cubes

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Product Overview


Product Description

Heat Rating: Higher temperature when compared to logs, lava rocks, stones, etc.
Cleaning: Easy cleaning. Rinse with vinegar and water (50:50) as required
Maintenance: Remove any kind of debris before lighting – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

EWS High Quality Fire Glass
To decorate you home with the colorful fire glass. High luster reflective tempered allow you enjoy the shine and bright.It would be taken the happiness and smile when seeing the stunning color.
Our fire glass is richly colored to attract on indoor and outdoor decoration. Also it could be beared extreme temperatures of gas and propane on the fire place and fire pits due to the highly tempered and heat-resistant.
The fire glass can be used to decorate the home and garden succulent pot, and mark the pathswalk way or as a border for plant beds or ponds.They can be applied to pool, bar, vase decors, fish tank and Aquarium.Also it can be used in a DIY art work and craft making.

Fireplace Use
Replace the faux logs in your indoor or outdoor gas fireplace with fire glass for a clean, attractive ambience. Or, design your new fireplace with fire glass in mind.
Fire Pit Use
Fire glass is often used in outdoor fire pits, fire bowls and fire tables. It can be used exclusively or placed on top of a base layer of fire rock or sand.
Decorative Use
In addition to being used as a fire pit and fireplace media, fire glass is often used as a crafting item (e.g. in a wedding centerpiece) and can also be used in aquariums and landscaping.

Glass Features:

☆ Adds a modern look to your home's fire feature!
☆ Withstands high temperatures
☆ Uniform color for deep rich colors
☆ Will not fade or discolor over time
☆ Will not soot or produce ash


Product name
Eco-Friendly and Fireproof Glass
5/8” Thick
Loading Port
Delivery Date
20 Days After Order Confirmed

About This Item
· Quality inspected to ensure impeccable performance and elegant appearance.
· Premium tempering process with consistent jewel-like color throughout. Designed for use with natural or propane gas.
· Sparkles under the mid day sun or the reflection of an evening fire.
· Premium tempered fire glass can be used indoors or outdoors as well as decorative in garden,back yard,fish tank,swimming pool,flower pot and so on
· Will not discolor, melt or deteriorate. will not emit any smoke or odors. Safe and easy to install.

Fire Glass Cubes
These square pieces of fire glass are shaped like small ice cubes and come in a variety of attractive colors. Flames wrap around the clean, straight lines of fire cubes to create an entrancing effect.

How to Clean Soot Off Your Fire Glass
The good news is that no matter how discolored your fireplace glass is, it’s fast, easy, and inexpensive to remove the soot. All you need is some water, regular household vinegar, a bucket and a strainer! In just a few minutes, your dirty glass will be restored to its original, glamorous luster and sparkle.

★ 100% Healthy and Safe-- Due to the supreme quality of our glass, it won't produce any harmful, noxious fumes while burning. So you can use it with confidence.
★ Magically Long-Lasting--Made exclusively for fire pits, your tempered fire glass retains its aesthetic qualities over time. It won't melt or become discolored.
★For Fire Pits & So Much More--Let your DIY juices flow. Your new fireplace glass also looks fabulous in fountains, vases, decorative bowls and many other pieces of decor
★ Indoor & Outdoor--Can be used for both indoor and outdoor gas fireplaces.

How Much Fire Glass You Need In Your Fire Pit?

Please Feel Free To Choose The Color You Want.

DIY Idea

Imagine the flames dancing above these translucent stones as your friends and family gather around the fire.
All colored fire glass from EWS is quality inspected by highly trained professionals to ensure impeccable performance, elegant appearance and 100% customer satisfaction.
Using this modern fire pit and fireplace accessory. Colorful fire glass blends are ultra-contemporary, providing a luxurious and dramatic statement.

Packing & Delivery

Option 1: 25kgs per plastic woven bag or paper bag, 40bags per pallet;
Option 2: 10Lbs or 20Lbs per PE bag,then loading into paper case and pallet;
Option 3: As per customer's requirement

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1.What color glass looks best in fire pit?
It’s depends on your choice. But I will suggest the Sky blue Fire Glass. This color is ideal for all propane or natural gas fire applications. This fire glass pebble is richly colored to appeal in indoor and outdoor venues and is tempered to withstand the most extreme temperatures of fireplaces and fire pits.

2.What is the difference between fire glass and regular glass?
Fire glass is made out of recycled glass, making it a brilliant repurposed product that is original and authentic! Because it has been tempered, fire glass won't melt, soot, or explode. Regular glass will create a nasty odor and could explode.
3.Does fire glass need to be replaced?
There is no need to replace the fire glass every time a fire is list. It will not burn down like a natural log would and it stays beautiful for many wonderful nights by the fire.
4.Where to use fire glass?
Fire glass can be safe to use in a variety of places. It can be a great addition to the home. It can be a great filler for plants or in a rock bed. There are many ways to use fire glass to elevate landscaping and any area that a person could typically see rock or dirt could use fire glass.
Propane can cause damage to the fire glass.  It can still be used but there is some cracking or change in color that is expected. When the fire glass burns with propane glass it may break and the color may darken over time. Always take care to pick up the fire glass with protection to avoid accidental injury.

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