12V 20A Auto Lead Acid Digital Charging And Discharging activation Equipment Battery Activator

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Professional manufacturer Activator Charge Discharge Machine Activation Digital Load 12v Auto Battery Tester
It widely used for the capacity testing of large, industrial battery banks commonly found in electrical power sub-stations,
telecom facilities and computer data center UPS systems.

1.Three functions of charging, discharging and activation. It can used online and offline; 
2.Parameters such as charge-discharge current, upper and lower limits of charge voltage can be set freely; 
3.Charging: adopt standard three stage charge method “constant current, voltage limiting →constant voltage, current limiting → floating charge”; 
4.Discharging: according to set discharge, it carries on fixed constant-current discharge; 
5.Activation: adopt the unique “impulse type” activation mode, effectively eliminate the sulfuric acid phenomenon of storage battery, maximum recover battery performance; 
6.2V/12V compatible design;
7.Use LCD screen display in English, operation is simple and easy to use; 

Product Name
Battery Maintenance Instrument
Applicable battery type
Charge &discharge current
Current setting step
Precision of constant current
Precision of constant current
Communication interface
The operating system:Win2000 / XP / 7

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The pulse activation mode of the battery activitor
PbSO4 particles were decomposed and restored by charging and discharging cycle at a certain frequency. In each large "fill → discharge → fill" period, there are more than N small pulse periods, T, and each pulse period includes charge t1 and discharge t2. In the charging process, instead of continuous charging, the "charging → releasing" "pulse" mode is adopted.

                                                                  Click “Curve” button and it will display as shown

The Schematic diagram of three-stage charging Process 
Stage I: Constant-current limit voltage charge.
Stage II: Constant-voltage limit current charge.
Stage III: Floating charge.

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