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1. LOGO : embroidery , printing , patch etc. ^-^

2. MOQ : if we have stock , 100 sets we can do for you. ^-^

3. sample : 3-10 days , cost 20$-50$ , OEM/ODM  ^-^

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 --------------Specification of Flame retardant cloth --------------



Flame-retardant clothing is one of the most widely used types of personal protective equipment. The principle of flame-retardant clothing protection is mainly to take shielding effects such as heat insulation, reflection, absorption, and carbonization isolation. Flame-retardant clothing protects workers from open flames or heat sources. .


1. The fabric is made of flame-resistant fibers, which can be used in dangerous situations such as high heat, flames, and electric arcs, and will not melt, burn or drop at high temperatures.
2. Add P140 carbon core fiber to make the fabric more antistatic
3. All fabrics are treated with fluorocarbon to achieve the effect of waterproof, oil-proof and easy to remove stains. Or use hydrophilic treatment to increase water vapor evaporation and improve wearing comfort in hot climates
4. Regardless of whether the protective fabric is washed in water (or commercial washing), the protective performance of the fabric will not be reduced, and it has good structural stability
5. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, friction resistance, and the service life is 6 times longer than that of general uniforms or cotton uniforms that have undergone protective treatment
6. Good air permeability, light weight, soft and comfortable


1. Thermal protection coefficient: Class A: direct skin contact ≥126TPP/(kw·s/m2), gap between skin and clothing ≥250TPP/(kw·s/m2); Class B one; Class C one.
2. Flame retardancy: continuous burning time A grade ≤ 2s, B grade ≤ 2s, C grade ≤ 5s; smoldering time A grade ≤ 2s, B grade ≤ 2s, C grade ≤ 5s; damage length: A grade ≤ 50mm, Grade B≤100mm, Grade C≤150mm; no melting and dripping.
3. Breaking strength: ≥450N before washing, ≥400N after washing.
4. Tearing strength: ≥25N before washing.
5. Moisture permeability: ≥6000g/(m2·24h).
6. Bending length: ≤3c.
7. Washing size change rate +2.5%~-2.5%.
8. The formaldehyde content is less than 300PPM




Check whether the inner and outer packaging of the flame-retardant protective clothing, all trademarks and safety signs of special labor protection products are complete and correct, and instructions for washing, maintenance, and maintenance are attached.
Check the appearance of the flame-retardant protective clothing, there should be no surface defects, breakages and stitching defects. The structure of flame-retardant work clothes should be three-tight neckline, cuffs, and hem to prevent hot kisses or sparks from hurting the human body. The exposed pockets should be covered to avoid collecting splashing metal or sparks. The ventilation holes reserved for heat dissipation should be in the underarms, back, and inside of the crotch to prevent foreign objects from entering.
Good-quality flame-retardant protective clothing feels softer to the touch and does not irritate the skin.
Certain unqualified flame retardants have a certain degree of toxicity and a certain pungent odor. Take the flame-retardant protective clothing out of the package and smell it, and there should be no peculiar smell or pungent smell.
First, try the bags and decorations of the flame-retardant protective clothing, which should not affect the normal work; second, try to see if it is convenient, quick and easy to take off.


1. It is forbidden to change clothes in places where there are open flames, sparks, molten metal, and flammable and explosive materials.
2. It is forbidden to attach or wear any fusible and flammable objects on the flame-retardant clothing.
3. When wearing flame-retardant clothing, you must wear corresponding protective equipment to fully achieve the technical effect.
4. Clothes should not be put together with corrosive materials. The storage place should be dry and ventilated, and be more than 20cm away from the strong surface and the ground to prevent rat bites, insects, and mildew.
5. Do not damage the packaging during transportation to prevent sun and rain.
6. The storage period is two years.











Three " BETTER "

1. Better "production time"

        We have big amount of materials , various colors , types etc. we can arrange delivery in short time.

2. Better " sincere cooperation "

        During the time of "you pay money" to "you receive goods" , we will try best to solve any questions with you. Even after   you got goods , we will help you sostenuto.

3.Better and secure "Payment channel"

      We suggest pay by "trade assurance order" from alibaba , it aims to protect customer's money. If customer can't receive goods after pay money , they can apply return money from alibaba so that customer never worry about their money loss.



Q.Could I do  sample with my own logo?

A. Yes, if use our design in stock , will be fast. 


Q.Could I order 50 sets with my own logo to test?

A. Yes, if we have stock 


Q.what’s your quality?

A. Our factory mainly do these kinds of the clothing more than 10 years, our workers are full of experience that have good skills with each steps, and goods will be inspected one by one before delivery out, quality and our production capacity both no problem with your this order.


Q.I can order now,can you send me pictures before shipping?

A.Sure,after order,we can provide you with a free production sample by picture or video for you before bulk production. After your confirmed,we are starting production. and we will send some pictures to you again before shipping .


Q. How can I pay you?

A. After you confirm our PI,we will place an order to you on Alibaba, and send you a payment link.

T/T(HSBC bank), Trade assurance are the most usual ways we are using.




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