Huazheng Electric Intelligent Solidifying cloud and pour point test equipment astmd97 pour point tester of transformer oil

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Product Overview


Intelligent Solidifying cloud and pour point test equipment astmd97 pour point tester of transformer oil


Product Description


Freezing point refers to the maximum temperature in which all liquid fluid stops flowing under the specified cooling conditions.

HZNQ-1101 Oil pour point Tester, is used in the determination of transformer oil, lubricating oil and light oil and freezing point values of all kinds of chemical raw materials, the instrument adopts the imported refrigeration compressor, refrigeration rate faster, refrigeration function stronger .Imported high precision sensor, high test precision. It is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, railway, petroleum and other fields.

II.Instrument Introduction

The equipment under the conditions stipulated in the national standard, put the sample into test in vitro, to alcohol bath containing liquid fluid sample tube refrigeration, liquid fluid to stop the flow of the highest temperature is the condensation point of the sample.


Instrument installation:

1. Open the instrument package to check whether the instrument is damaged or not;

2. Check the equipment model and accessories according to the packing list;

3. The instrument can be debugged after checking the instrument.


Steps for instrument operate:

1. Insert the test furnace power cord into the AC220V three-core socket;

Note: be sure to use a power socket with reliable grounding to power the instrument;

2. Add anhydrous ethanol to the frozen chamber, and the non-aqueous ethanol should be added at least to the evaporator copper pipe in the frozen chamber;

3. The test sample will be added to the test tube to the test tube calibration line, and the test tube will be put into the freezer, and the test tube will be soaked into anhydrous ethanol, and then the thermometer will be inserted into the test sample.

4. Turn on the power switch, stirring switch and refrigeration switch, set the preset temperature on the thermostat, and observe the cooling temperature on the thermostat.When the sample is stopped flowing when the test tube is tilted, it is the point value of the sample.

III.Technical Parameters

Implement standard GB/T3535, GB/T510,ASTM D97,ASTM D5853 ;

Range: room temperature ~ -45 ℃;


Display: digital tube display;

Test mode: automatic temperature control, manual test;

Temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance;

Test hole:Two holes.

Cooling rate: not less than 70 ℃ / h

Refrigeration mode: compressor refrigeration;

Power: 1500W;

Power supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz;

Applicable environment: temperature 40 ℃ or less moisture 80% or less

Instrument weight: about 40KG.

IV.Precautions And Equipment Maintenance

1. The instrument shall be used in a non-corrosive environment.

2. When changing samples, test tube shall be cleaned.

3. The thermometer should not be greasy, so as not to affect the detection sensitivity.

4. During the test, do not put your hands in the freezer to avoid frostbite.

V.Packing List





Main engine



Power line



Fuse pipe



Test tube








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From the date of purchase within one year instrument, is a product quality problem free repair replacement, lifetime supply of maintenance and technical services. The instrument has found anomalies or malfunctions please contact us to arrange the most convenient treatment options.



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