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Masking Film makes your job easier and saves you time whether you are a painter, plasterer or renderer. The Masking Film speedily masks up large interior and exterior areas; walls, floors, furniture and windows. This film is easily applied by one person with the pre-taped edge sticking to most surfaces and enabling easy roll out of the polythene.

This product is made from a strong polythene/plastic which has a static cling that ensures complete masking. The material also attracts dust and dirt preventing sticking to fresh paint/plaster/render as well as protecting the surface against drips and splatters. With its UV protection all surfaces will be fully protected and the tape will adhere for up to 30 days leaving no residue upon removal. Masking Film
really is a must have product for painters and decorators, plasterers and renderers.

Good Quality Material
High density tape which is made of environmentally friendly PE (polyethylene) material, not easy to scratch, with high quality dust-proof effect.

Tape Fixing
When plastic sheeting is covered, the film will covers the furniture due to the friction between the films. Masking paper on one side of the plastic sheet makes it easy to use even on walls and high cabinets. After fixing the position of the protective film, it will slowly spread the plastic film to cover the object.

Easy to Use
Roll design for quick and convenient unfold the film and shield various appliance; You can cut plastic tape of different lengths according to different items, so much easier.

Versatile and Worth
Lightweight ideal protective sheething for car automotive paint, household appliance and drop cloth protection from dust and chemical pigment during house decoration or painting, sprayer, liquid, scraper, remover.

1. Pre-taped edge
2. Made from strong polythene
3. Attracts dirt and dust
4. Provides UV protection
5. Static cling
6. Custom size
7. Water seepage prevention

8. Easy tear, easy for job

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1. Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we are the source factory. We have our own machines, production workshop and warehouse. Welcome to visit;

2. Does the product support customization?
Support customization. We can not only produce different sizes of tape and masking film according to your requirements, but also print your brand and logo;

3. How long is the delivery time?
Usually 20-45 working days, consult according to different products or quantity;

4. Payment method?
Usually 30% advance payment; Support T / T, credit card, PayPal, visa and other payment methods;

5. Send samples?
If you need, we will send you free samples;

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