Bulk natural organic dry spirulina tela spirulina chewable tablet

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Product Name
Spirulina tablets
Main functions
Anti-Aging, Beauty skin
Various or custom color
Main Ingredient
Nicotinamide mononucleotide
2 piece/pieces
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Spirulina's scientific name is arthrospira platensis. This edible algae has a long history of safe human consumption and over 30 years of safety testing. Special farms where spirulina is cultivated under controlled conditions do not allow the growth of other contaminant blue-green algae, as in lakes and waterways.Many essential nutrients recommended by experts to help protect our bodies are concentrated in Spirulina.It contains the most powerful combination of nutrients ever known in any grain, herb or food.

1. It can cleanse and detox our bodies from causes of stress.
2. Promote a healthy immune system and antioxidant activity.
3. Restores natural body weight by satisfying the body’s need for complete and genuine nutrition.
4. Help to delay senility for the elderly.
5. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing inflammation within the body.
6. The rich source of zeaxanthin in Spirulina is especially good for the eyes.
7. Aids in detoxification and natural cleansing of the body.
8. Promotes healthy levels of cholesterol resulting in improved cardiovascular function.

1. Applied in food field, it contains a lot of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which can help the body with better health care;
2. Applied in health products field, there are various forms existed, such as tablets, capsules and powder, these can prevent various of diseases;

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