Manufacturer Ready To Ship 3mm 4mm Factory Price Columnar Active Charcoal Bulk Coal Pellet Activated Carbon For Air Treatment

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Product Overview


Product Paramenters

Raw material
Anthracite and high-quality charcoal
Columnar, granular
Particle size distribution
Iodine adsorption value(mg/g)
Methylene blue adsorption value (mg/g)
Drying reduction
Residue on ignition
Filling density(g/ml)
PH value

Products Description

Scope of application

Our Company

Chemical Industry Expert
Focus on water purification materials/chemicals, activated carbon, adsorption materials and so on.
Unchanging Reputation
Long-term cooperation with customers with high-quality products for mutual benefit and win-win.
Eternal Quality
Set up more than 20 years, continuously improving old products and developing new products.

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Here is the answer for some common questions:

1. Is the product suitable for industrial or other large filter media?
Yes, it is very suitable, with strong adsorption capacity and high cost performance. Commonly used in swimming pool filtration, environmental protection, water treatment, sewage treatment, special filter elements, waste gas treatment, garbage incineration, desulfurization and denitrification, solvent recovery, pharmaceutical injections, oils and sugars, gold purification, etc.

2. Is this product suitable for independent packaging and then distribution for profit?
Your choice is very correct. The unit price of this product is very low when you buy it. If you have a beautiful package and package it as charcoal for daily life, its price will increase.

3. What is the use of this product in daily life?
Deodorants for refrigerators and wardrobes, air fresheners for filtering formaldehyde, filter elements for fish tank filters, etc.

4. Are you a middleman or do you have your own factory?
We have our own production plant and have been engaged in chemical materials for more than 20 years. We are among the best in this industry in the country. Our products are updated and iterated every moment and continuously optimized. You can always trust us.

5. Does the product support trial installation? If you are interested, you will repurchase.
Thank you for your support! All of our products support trial, and you can buy in bulk after the effect is satisfied. It is our eternal duty to let you buy with confidence.

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