Activated Carbon Rotary Kiln Furnace Horizontal Charcoal Carbonization Furnace

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Product Overview


Activated Carbon Rotary Kiln Furnace Horizontal Charcoal Carbonization Furnace

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Product Description

1- Description of Activated Carbon Rotary Kiln Furnace Horizontal Charcoal Carbonization Furnace

The roller carbonization furnace is to grind the carbon containing lignin materials such as sawdust, rice husk, peanut husk, plant straw and bark by hammer crusher, the particle size is required to be less than 5mm, then dry them by dryer or natural drying (the moisture content is required to be less than 20%), and then dry, retort, carbonize and cool them by roller carbonization furnace, The process of converting loose raw materials into charcoal.

Because the core process of cylinder carbonization is retorting, so people usually refer to the retorting process is also called carbonization process. After the material is processed by the retorting process of the roller carbonization furnace, the finished product can be called charcoal or carbon powder. Because the modern carbonization technology is different from the traditional carbonization method and process in the past, now the main process is mechanical processing (simple operation, high efficiency, no pollution), so the charcoal processed by the roller carbonization furnace can also be called machine-made charcoal and environment-friendly smokeless machine-made charcoal.

2-Working Principle and Details of Activated Carbon Rotary Kiln Furnace Horizontal Charcoal Carbonization Furnace

The first thing we need is the heat source for carbonization. The equipment heat source of blue sky roller carbonization furnace can be divided into five types: gasifier, gas generator, natural gas, liquefied gas and diesel. According to the different countries and regions, the required fuel is not the same. We can customize it according to the customer's needs. The above five methods are all used to play the role of ignition in the early stage. These five methods are used to transport the heat source generated at the beginning to the carbonization furnace for combustion and heating. When the temperature reaches a certain value, the conveyor is used to start blanking, Because the combustion of materials needs to meet three conditions - oxygen, heat and materials, and the carbonization furnace is a closed space, so it can not meet the demand of oxygen, then the materials will only burn into carbon powder under the action of 800 ℃ high temperature in the carbonization furnace. In the process of carbonization, the degree of carbonization should be controlled by adjusting the rotation speed of the roller to prevent insufficient or excessive carbonization.

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1. The material is sent into the drum through the screw conveyor for carbonization.
2. There is a 100 mm thick insulating cotton between the insulation shell and the carbonization barrel, which greatly improves the heating performance and ensures the quality of charcoal.
3. Speed regulating motor is used to control the rotation speed and carbonization time of drum to ensure the complete carbonization of materials.
4. There are 16-20 gas burners at the bottom of the furnace to make the carbonization barrel evenly heated.


5. To ensure that each pipe is sprayed evenly. So we made a gas pressure controller, which can also measure the amount of natural gas.
6. During the carbonization process, some gas and wood vinegar liquor will be produced (tar collector). So this machine also has an exhaust purification system. There is no air pollution.
7. The cleaned gas will be sent to the bottom combustion chamber of carbonization furnace for recycling.
8. When the carbonized materials come out, screw conveyor is also needed.


3-Carbonized raw material of Activated Carbon Rotary Kiln Furnace Horizontal Charcoal Carbonization Furnace

Sawdust is one of the raw materials for producing charcoal. It is not only sawdust can be used to make charcoal, such as crop waste, tree leaves, etc., as long as the raw materials containing lignin can be produced by roller carbonization furnace. The finished products made by the mechanical distillation of the carbonization furnace can be called biochar or biomass charcoal, These finished charcoal are widely used in various fields.


4-The carbonized carbon powder is made into carbon with different shapes and functions

The carbonized carbon powder is pressed and molded with different hydraulic press molds, and finally made into different shapes of charcoal, including shiye charcoal, coconut shell carbon, barbecue, etc. after extrusion and combustion by our extruder, the packaging is beautiful, there is no smoke when burning, environmental protection and energy saving, which has received good feedback from customers.


5-advantages of Activated Carbon Rotary Kiln Furnace Horizontal Charcoal Carbonization Furnace

1. LANTIAN roller carbonization furnace adopts intelligent full automation, which not only saves labor, but also greatly improves the safety factor, and the most important thing is to improve the production efficiency. It is an important step towards the development of intelligence, automation and high efficiency.
2. LANTIAN roller carbonization furnace has realized 24-hour continuous production, which completely breaks the defect that the old carbonization furnace can not produce continuously, and greatly improves the output of charcoal production.
3. In the process of carbonization will produce wood tar, wood acetic acid, and excess waste gas, drum carbonization furnace can purify and separate these wastes, and then collect these wastes for treatment and use, fully achieve the efficient use of renewable energy, truly achieve environmental protection and pollution-free.


 6-Drum carbonization furnace production line

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Technical Parameters




Packaging & Shipping

 1. First use the plastic film machine.
2 according to the size and weight, use wooden or metal boxes to fix the machine in the box. (box material can be used according to your requirements).
3. The required machine parts will be placed on a fixed container to avoid collision and wear or loss.


Our Workshop

 We are a real manufacturer, not a trading company. We have the best after-sales service.
The complete set of markene production is produced by ourselves, without the need to buy different machine connection product lines from different manufacturers.



Our Customers

LANTIAN services
In order to ensure that the equipment always runs in an ideal state, so that customers can rest assured and satisfied with it, our company provides high-quality accessories and well-trained maintenance personnel to provide customers with rapid, timely and excellent maintenance and emergency maintenance after-sales service. The specific after-sales service contents are as follows:
(1) Free of charge to assign special after-sales service personnel to the scene to guide customer installation and debugging.
(2) Train operators on site.
(3) Our company has its own vulnerable parts manufacturers, with the factory to ensure timely supply of original spare parts.
(4) During the warranty period, we are responsible for the replacement of all parts caused by quality or unnatural wear free of charge.
(5) During the warranty period, all repairs, including those caused by natural wear and quality problems, are free of labor cost.

Pre sale: be a good adviser and assistant to customers, so that every investment of users can get rich returns.
(1) Selection of equipment model.
(2) According to the special requirements of customers, design and manufacture products.
(3) Train technical personnel for customers.
(4) The company sends engineers and technicians to the user's site free of charge to plan the site and design the appropriate process and scheme for the user.
In sale: respect customers; Give customers a rest assured, a relaxed, a surprise; Committed to improving the overall value of customers.
(1) Acceptance of products.
(2) Assist customers to draw up construction scheme.
After sales:
(1) Free of charge to assign special after-sales service personnel to the scene to guide customer installation and debugging.
(2) Equipment installation and debugging.
(3) Train operators on site.




As Integrated industry and trade enterprises,we supply certification used to export machine ,such as:CE, ISO,CO or other documents that customer require.


Company Information

 Henan Lantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in the 1980s, has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience.
Our factory mainly produces fruit dryer, vegetable dryer, flower dryer, seafood dryer, heat pump dryer, belt dryer.
We help our customers choose and design the best product line machines for different types of products. Our machines sell well at home and abroad, and provide certificate CE.ISO9001 Company, form e, COC, CIQ, help customers from different countries to clear customs.
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