Professional mouthpiece soprano alto saxophone made in Japan

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A wind instrument made in Japan that Dolce Instruments confidently recommends.
We offer high quality wind instruments of Japanese Product at a reasonable price.
Please feel free to contact us regarding models and prices.

The history of woodwind manufacturing in Japan had its origins in 1894 when Tokutaro Yanagisawa began repairing imported woodwinds for military band members. Within that wartime setting, Tokutaro's repair shop soon evolved into an instrument factory -- the first to build woodwind instruments on Japanese soil.
Tokutaro's son Takanobu followed in his father's footsteps, choosing to pursue a career in the craft of instrument-making, and built his first prototype saxophone in 1951.
Although saxophones were already being produced in Japan by then, they were little more than children's toys compared to the instruments imported from abroad.
By that point in time, woodwind makers worldwide were already producing saxophones of unrivaled quality, many of which are still prized and pl
ayed by performing artists even today.
Our saxophones began to approach professionally acceptable levels of quality around 20 years back.
However, we have yet to produce a line of saxophones that can completely satisfy our expectations.
Our experience has been one of enduring the hardships involved in cultivating a quality product. Musical instrument-making is not about producing a given form or shape but more about producing a certain sound from that form or shape.
It is this creation of a desired sound or voice that cultivates the musical instrument in turn.
Although that may sound irrational, I am convinced it is true.

Granted that the art of instrument-making has more to do with creating a certain desired sound than achieving a certain shape or form, one cannot begin to craft a quality instrument without adding a hidden spiritual dimension to the task.
Although we use machinery extensively during various stages of production, the intentions and skills of the craftsmen involved in the process are the prime factors that bring each saxophone to life.
Yes, we believe our saxophones are alive. Without the right frame of mind, the craftsman may master the form but still fail to give it a soul, producing nothing more than the hollow, lifeless shell of a saxophone.
Musical instruments are not industrial goods. The sensitivities of the craftsman and the ability to give life to the form are essential to the art of instrument-making.
That is the basic philosophy that Yanagisawa embraced in its earliest founding days and the same philosophy that we apply today, and I am confident it shines through the saxophones we make.

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Finest wind instruments & accessories. 
“In constant pursuit of quality, the world’s finest instruments to your hands.”
With the philosophy in our heart, we, Dolce Musical Instruments, have been striving to spread happiness through world’s best wind instruments.

Dolce Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. Founded in 1988, Dolce Musical Instruments has been providing the world’s finest wind instruments in Japan. Here, you will find wind instruments & accessories made in Japan, By the most skilled craftmen. We also offer quality assured used instruments at very affordable price. With our skilled repair technicians and experienced staff, our After-Sales Service would thoroughly support your musical life.

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