Cosmetic grade hydrolyzed keratin powder hydrolyzed keratin peptide 99%

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Keratin (/ˈkɛrətɪn/) is one of a family of fibrous structural proteins known as scleroproteins. α-Keratin is a type of keratin found in vertebrates. It is the key structural material making up scales, hair, nails, feathers, horns, claws, hooves, calluses, and the outer layer of skin among vertebrates. Keratin also protects epithelial cells from damage or stress. Keratin is extremely insoluble in water and organic solvents. Keratin monomers assemble into bundles to form intermediate filaments, which are tough and form strong unmineralized epidermal appendages found in reptiles, birds, amphibians, and mammals. Excessive keratinization participate in fortification of certain tissues such as in horns of cattle and rhinos, and armadillos' osteoderm. The only other biological matter known to approximate the toughness of keratinized tissue is chitin. Keratin comes in two types, the primitive, softer forms found in all vertebrates and harder, derived forms found only among sauropsids (reptiles and birds). Keratin resists digestion, which is why cats regurgitate hairballs.

Hydrolyzed keratin peptides are derived from natural keratin such as chicken feathers or duck feathers, and are extracted using biological enzyme digestion technology. It has good affinity and moisturizing to the skin. At the same time, it can effectively protect damaged hair, and can effectively repair split hair, reduce and prevent split ends, and at the same time can alleviate the irritation effect of surfactants on skin and hair in cosmetic formulations.
Hair contains a large amount of keratin(about 65% -95%)of the hair. Many natural active proteins have a high affinity for hair, are easily absorbed by the hair, have nutrition and film formation, and are excellent hair conditioning Agents, repair agents and nutrients.

Products name :
Hydrolyzed keratin powder
Chicken feather
Food grade
light yellow powder
90% Min.

1.Instantly detangles your hair
Hydrolyzed keratin can penetrates deep into the hair fiber to repair your hair from the inside. Can restructure and prevent the weakening of the hair fiber. The hair conditioning treatment also fixes the outer cuticle to protect your hair from the outside.
2.Deeply nourish and soften damaged hair
Premium Quality of Hydrolyzed keratin can reconstruction, strengthen and repair for extremely damaged and fragile hair.
3.Keep moist and firm skin
Hydrolytic keratin as a Moist and soft silk texture , can attaches closely to the skin, and help with giving moisture and firmness and anti-Aging for damaged skin.
1. Daily Chemistry
Raw materials for hair care products (Hydrolyzed keratin):can deeply nourish and soften the hair.
It can be used in mousse, hair gel, shampoo, conditioner, baking oil, cold blanching and depigmenting agent.
2. Cosmetics Field
New cosmetic raw material(Hydrolyzed keratin):Keep moist and firm skin.

1. Can I get some free sample?
Yes, we offer free sample to client but the shipping cost will be paid by client.
2. How to place order online?
Performa invoice will be sent after confirmation from the client along with our bank details. In the same time we also accept PO as an confirmation to prepare the shipment.
3. How to make payment and what is the payment term?
Payment can be done by T/T, Credit Card, Western Union, PayPal and more.
4. How about delivery time?
Delivery time is about 3-5 days after payment made. But this need to be checked with sales person if there is stock.
5. Is there any discount?
Yes, some of the products is apply for discount, but it depends on the quantity.

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