RVM reverse vending machine

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Product Overview


Product Description


User interface:
Upper middle lower structure
upper:video AD
mid: Operation interface
down:picture AD
we can change every language for you very soon

1、Click The "START" Button
2、Scan QR-code to Login
(through system we have ready-made for you)
4、Click "Start Recycling" (open the recycling door)
5、Please put in an emp
ty bottle (if the bottle has no matching with shape of complete bottle it will be rejected, the bottle will
be rejected if it has water or its overweight)
6、The screen Shows "Recovered successfully, please continue to deliver"
7、User click the "End Recycling" button
8、E-receipt appears

weight sensor
Printer / Roller  /  Voice 
49 inch (left) 
Storage 800 Crushed bottles

Full function list

1.Screen – 27 inch screen
2.Crusher – yes
3.Container capacity – more than 500 bottles at least
4. Revise every language from English
5.Accepted bottle– Plastic (PET) & Can
6. Annular bar-code reader (Six bar-code reader) - yes
7.fullness sensor– yes
8.alert and suspend when full – yes
9.anti-clamping hand protection (door) – yes
10.image identification to judge whether the bottle can be recycled
(It can be judged whether the standard bottles are recycled) – yes
11.weight identification: non-conforming weight will be reject – yes
12.It need to accumulate amount to the customer by Bar-code/QR card
13. printer – no (In the past two years, we have removed this function, because it is not environmentally friendly to frequently to add printing paper. Now we use mobile phone screenshots instead of printing)

Background System

Custom development

Customized development system, payment system, also can give AIP interface, customer development.

Company Introduction

Company Name: Shenzhen guigu intelligent Co., Ltd
Product: Reverse Vending Machine

Company advantage:
1:Intelligent R & D factory ; customization
2:Engaged in 2013 R & D reverse vending machine, with rich experience, world-class designer, experienced product manager.
3:As a young team, we are willing to cooperate with customers to compete for the market, produce bidding documents and demand. It is not only the product itself to show super cost performance, but also the strategic significance of competing for the market with customers.

Core Team: 10 people
Skilled In Program Lang: PHP, VB, C#, C, Python, JS,Java,MYSQL
Accept customization: YES (R&D fees)
Existing systems: in use
Major Customers: Nestle,HKT(HK),Wastons,UK Supermarket,Russian supermarket.

Contact us

Shenzhen Ke Goo Intelligence Co. Ltd

Tel: +86 13918715708
email: chushengfeng123@163.com
Web: https://ke-goo.com

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