Мгновенная паста «GUSTO IN кухня», 300 г

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Top Quality Instant Pasta Gluten Free Pasta "GUSTO IN CUCINA " Meat Cannelloni 300 gr
From the union of these three ingredients: fresh tomato, pasta gluten free, meat sauce and bechamel sauce, comes one of the most famous and loved dishes of Italian cuisine “Cannelloni alla Carne”.
Prepared by hand, with natural ingredients and all the love for an ancient traditional recipe of Italy.

Meat Cannelloni 300 gr
Ready Meals Italian recipes cousine gourmet Made in Italy
Instant Food Ready Courses Main Course Italian Food Vending Machine
Ready to Eat cooking Ready Lunch Ready Dinner Catering "Private Label"

Company Profile

Pronti e Via! It is a brand of Gusto In cucina srl (GIC).
GIC with its products responds to the ever-increasing need for high quality meals that allow a balanced diet with a contribution of the best natural ingredients.
GIC has focused on the Ready Meals market thanks to 3 aspects:
- Product quality :100% natural without any additive, preservative
- Innovative production process called STABILIZATION (reduction of bacterial load) that encloses in a single production process a preservation of the product at ROOM TEMPERATURE that can reach even a Shelf-Life of 12 months.
- Cost of transport and storage of products in stock is lower than traditional frozen products due to the fact that the sterilized product must not follow the cold chain. So our product can stay longer on the shelves and be stored simply in a cool environment with a temperature between 8° and 15 ° Celsius (the benefits in terms of cost reduction is evident as well as the shelf-life extension)
We have 10 years of Research and Development in this innovative process to ensure top-quality meals an absolute food safety;
highest manufacturing standards (low-salt, gluten-free, vegan).

Manufacturing Technique

GIC believes in top-quality food with a focus on wellbeing and a flavour that’s designed and perceived to taste great.
Research into thermal dynamics led to the development of a process called “stabilization” that merges two manufacturing steps into
* Pasteurization (to eliminate pathogens) and Dehydration (to eliminate moisture).

GIC has added a third phase to its processing facility:
Cooling, which enables residual microbial loads to be achieved that would be inconceivable using conventional technologies.

To highly advanced food manufacturing system ensures unrivalled quality, as proven by the frequent microbiological, chemical and
physical inspections that are conducted throughout the production process.


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