99.8 % industrial grade Factory Supply Sulfamic acid / Kyselina amidosulfonova / CAS 5329-14-6

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Product Overview


Sulfamic Acid
Sulfamic acid is an inorganic solid acid formed by the substitution of the hydroxyl group of sulfuric acid by the amino group. The molecular formula is NH2SO3H and the molecular weight is 97.09. It is generally a white, odorless rhomboid flake crystal with a relative density of 2.126 and a melting point of 205°C. Water and liquid ammonia, as long as they are kept dry and not in contact with water at room temperature, the solid sulfamic acid does not absorb moisture and is relatively stable.
Sulfamic Acid
1. Detergent Sulfamic acid cleaning agent can be used to clean boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, jackets and chemical pipelines. It is used in breweries to remove glass-lined storage tanks, pots, open beer coolers, and scales on beer barrels; to clean evaporators in enamel factories, and equipment in paper mills; in air conditioning, cooling systems and evaporative condensers can be removed Rust and scale; 2. Textile industry Amino sulfonic acid can be used as a remover of excess diazotization reaction in the dye industry, a fixative for textile dyeing, to form a fireproof layer on textiles, and can also be used to make yarn cleaners and other auxiliaries in the textile industry . 3. Paper Industry Amino sulfonic acid can be used as a bleaching aid, which can reduce or eliminate the catalysis of heavy metal ions in the bleaching solution, thereby ensuring the quality of the bleaching solution, reducing the oxidative degradation of metal ions on the fiber, and preventing the peeling reaction of the fiber , Improve pulp strength and whiteness. 4. Oil industry Amino sulfonic acid can be used to remove the blockage of the oil layer and increase the permeability of the oil layer. 5.Electroplating solution Sulfamic acid is commonly used when plating gold or alloys
Packing & Delivery
Packing: 25kg/bag or JUMBO bag
Delivery Time: 3-10 days after receiving TT payment

Storage: Keep sealed and dry. Airtightly package and store in a dry and ventilated place. It is stored and transported in equal parts with oxidants and alkalis. Pay attention to personal protection, and direct physical contact is strictly prohibited. If swallowed, rinse your mouth with water, drink milk or egg white.
Company Profile
Shandong Aojin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the New Material Trading Center of Zibo City, Shandong Province. Founded in 2009. We have produced and sold chemical raw materials for more than ten years. Our main products are alcohols, benzene, esters, alkanes, amines, acids, ketones, ethers. Especially n-octanoic acid, isooctyl alcohol, isobutanol, o-divinylbenzene, DOP, DBP, MMA, PM, BPA, NPG, etc.
Aojin products have passed third-party tests, such as SGS and BV tests; customers are our life. With sincere, fast, high-quality and efficient services, we have become a trustworthy enterprise for customers. At present, our products sell well in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
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