Цена по прейскуранту завода-изготовителя самые низкие температуры очиститель degresaser

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Product Overview


factory price of Best low temperature cleaner degresaser


Product Description


Normal temperature degreaser




The TM-T104AB normal temperature degreaser is divided into liquid A and powder B. It is one kind of quite advanced degreasing cleansing agent with low temperature and the highly effective. This product has the great ability of stain removal, dispersion, emulsification, and increasing solubility,


It is one kind of mixed degreaser by the sodium salt, many kinds of surface active agents and the solvent, with the characteristics of normal temperature use, the energy conservation, the ease of operation, the degreasing to be cleaner, the service life long and so on. This degreaser is used for degreasing cleaning treatment of the steel and iron product, in the process of painting, galvanization, black oxide coating, spraying paint and so on.


Product Uses


1. Usage method


This degreaser may clean the steel and iron surface by scrubbing or soaking .


2.Preparation method(According to 1 ton)


1. add water to the processing tank up to capacity 70~80%, slowly add 70kg TM-T104A,30kg TM-T104B, stirring while adding untill the remained water amount to 1 ton, and then stir evenly.


2.   To seriously greasy work piece, enhance the density of the TM-T104A degreaser properly.


Technical indicators


3. Processing condition


Free alkalinity: 15~19PT       Temperature: 25~55°C


Time: 10~20 minutes (Determine degreasing time length according to the situation of steel grease)






Packaging & Shipping

  TM-T104A is light-red liquid, 200 kg / barrel;

  TM-T104B is white powder, 25 kg / woven bag.









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