Praseodymium Ore Praseodymium Metal Praseodymium Ingots Casting

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Praseodymium Ore Praseodymium Metal Praseodymium Ingots Casting

Melting point:1313℃
Boiling point:3520 °C
Density: 7.886g/cm3
Relative molecular mass:140.9
Used as a purifying modifier for metal materials, chemical catalyst and agricultural rare earth, rare earth permanent magnetic material, Grinding and polishing materials, etc.

Packing& Delivery

Packing of Praseodymium Ingots:
N.W. 1Kg in a double layer vacuum plastic bag.
25kg or 50kg net weight for each iron drum lined with a single layer of plastic bags
Or as customized

Lead time:
Est. Time(days)
To be negotiated

Company Profile

Shenzhen Fancy Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in small metals and semiconductor materials. Our main products are indium, gallium, germanium, tellurium, bismuth, selenium, neodymium, samarium, terbium, dysprosium, yttrium, lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium-neodymium alloy and other rare earths and targets.

Raw material-material-product-waste recovery. All high-purity functional materials have been widely used in aerospace, military, information electronics, vacuum coating, metallurgy, functional materials, biomedicine, new energy, and other industries.

We provide:
1. All-round customization of high-end chemical raw materials.
2. Integrated solutions for waste recycling.

The major categories of our products are:

Indium ingots
Neodymium plate
Pure Ag silver
Chromium plate
Pure Chromium
Chromium powder
Nickel powder
Nickel Al wire
Niobium plate
Niobium powder
Niobium pentoxide 
Niobium oxide
 tungsten plate
molybdenum plate
antimony ingots
silicon dioxide
monocrystalline silicon
polycrystalline silicon
Graphite target
titanium dioxide
Aluminium ingots
Spherical aluminum powder


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