KEYUAN Heat Resistant Clear Price PMMA Resin price per kg

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KEYUAN Heat Resistant Clear Price PMMA Resin price per kg 

PMMA is an ordinary non-crystalline plastic, with a transparency of 93%, weather resistance and surface hardness among all plastics. The surface has the characteristics of not being scratched, high electrical insulation, and easy to be charged with static electricity and dust.
PMMA classification
1.Plate-shaped products: for extrusion molding, used for signs, advertising tower construction domes, doors, aircraft windshields, etc.
2.Granular products: The varieties are roughly divided into heat-resistant, general-use, high-flow type, and heat-resistant type for automobile lamp covers, and high-flow type is used for complex shapes and thin meat products that are generally difficult to form, but have low thermal properties.
3.Acrylic with special properties: flame retardancy, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance.
The key points of PMMA molding
(1) The weight of the finished product must be molded below 70% of the barrel capacity. If it exceeds the volume, it needs to be replaced with a larger machine. Therefore, the material has high hardness and high viscosity. The hydraulic motor usually needs to increase the driving torque of one level.
(2) The resistance of the raw material flowing in the material pipe is small, and the pressure loss is small. And the hole diameter can be jg A, the material tube group can be electroplated 0. 03-0. 04mm, increasing the hardness and smoothness can get a smaller resistance |
(3) Its fluidity is not as good as abs. The injection pressure and speed change must be increased to form, dents and internal bubbles are prone to occur, which are the places where temperature is difficult to drop and pressure is difficult to convey.
(1) The melting speed can be slowed down by about 40%~50% to increase the generation of heat of fusion. The gauge pressure of the glue should be between 70~90kg/cm2, so that the material temperature can be adjusted.
(2) When shrinkage or vacuum bubbles occur, and other conditions cannot be resolved, you can add back pressure, between 5kg/cm2~20kg/cm2 to solve. If the back pressure is too high, it will overheat the forming material and drive difficult.
(3) If you stay in the heated material pipe for too long, too much gas is easy to be generated, and sometimes the screw is not easy to drive due to gas resistance. Continuous injection and loosening can be used to remove the gas.
(4) If the thick finished product will not be deformed if it is cooled and shortened, it can be slowly cooled by soaking in warm water, so that the temperature difference between the skin and the center will not be too large, so that the occurrence of shrinkage and vacuum bubbles can be prevented.
(5) When the finished product has residual stress, the strength of the finished product will decrease when it comes into contact with the solvent. In order to eliminate the internal stress, it can be produced by hot mold. The temperature of the material increases, and the injection pressure can be reduced. If compression molding is used, internal stress is almost non-existent.
(6) If many finished products have been produced, in order not to be scrapped due to high internal stress, fire treatment can be implemented, which can alleviate the tension on the outer surface and ease the internal stress.
(7) Acrylic secondary material recycling, the best material for cleaning the material pipe, set around 240°C.
(8) If it is molded at low temperature, the temperature of the rear part of the material pipe is higher, and the screw will not produce sharp noise.







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Sample Policy

1. 5KG General Grade Free Sample with Freight Collect.

2. Sample Payment Can be T/T , Paypal or Trade Assurance.

3. Sample can be Delivery out within 3 days after confirmation.

4 Technical support during sample testing.


By Express ( FEDEX, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, etc... )
--- Advantage: Fast ( takes about 7 - 10 days in the delivery )by door to door service
--- Disadvantage: expensive
By Air Transportation
--- Advantage: Fast ( takes about 8 - 12 days ) and cheaper than Express.
--- Disadvantage: Customer need to take the goods from the airport.
By Sea ( Ocean ) Transportation
--- Advantage: Much cheaper than Express or Air transportation.
--- Disadvantage: Slow and customer need to take the goods from the destination port .


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