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4 Handles Emslim Neo Rf focused electromagnetic Muscle Stimulator Machine

Muscle increase
Fat reduce
skin tightening

No Surgery     ●     No Needles     ●     No Downtime


Using (High Energy Focused Electromagnetic Wave) technology to continuously expand and contract autologous muscles and carry out extreme training to deeply reshape the internal structure of the muscle,that is, the growth of muscle fibrils (muscle enlargement) and produce new protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), so as to train and increase muscle density and volume.

The extremely efficient and deeper penetration of Synchronized RF allows fat to be heated to 43 degrees Celsius within 4 minutes of treatment. Due to real-time feedback in the treatment applicator, thermal sensing keep tissue warm, but not hot. This special temperature of the fat, between 43-45 degrees Celsius, enhances fat cell destruction. A gentle heat is also delivered to the muscle tissue, pre-warming muscle to receive more effective contraction.

The 100% extreme muscle contraction of (High Energy Focused Electromagnetic Wave) technology can trigger a large amount of fat decomposition,Fatty acids are broken down from triglycerides and accumulated in fat cells.The concentrations of fatty acids are too high ,causing the fat cells to apoptosis, which is excreted by the body's normal metabolism within a few weeks. Therefore, emslim neo machine can strengthen and increase muscle, and reduce fat at the same time.


1. Efficient fat reduction
The newly added RF radio frequency technology can reduce fat by an average of 30% and waist circumference by an average of 3.2 cm, At the same time, it helps to fundamentally destroy fat cells, thereby greatly reducing fat, reducing the thickness of the fat layer, reducing the body fat rate, and reducing the circumference.

2. Sculpt and gain muscle
The exclusive technology HIFEM+ technology can increase muscles by an average of 25% and rectus abdominis separation by an average of 18.8%. It can help you build muscles while shaping the shape of muscles, making muscle lines more slender without causing muscle legs and other conditions. The increase in muscle rate can fundamentally increase your metabolism and make you a physique of "don't eat fat".

3. Synchronized RF is Firming and beautifying skin
It can tighten the skin enlarged by fat at the same time, allowing you to lose weight without worrying about sagging skin, and there is no trace of conventional weight loss at all.


* Offer your clients the latest in cutting edge body contouring treatment technology
* Just turn on and let the system do the work for you
* Simple and easy to use operation
* Zero consumables
* Non-invasive, no downtime, no side effects and pain free
* Comes with 4 applicators, allowing treatments for stomach, buttocks, arms and thighs

Safe and Comfortable Treatment

1. (HIPEM) High-Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Technology
It’s like doing 20,000 crunches or squats in just 30 minutes without the hard work and sweat

2. 30-Minute Treatments
Treatments are quick and can be performed during a lunch break.

3. Clinically Proven
Fully tested in 7 independen
t studies for safety and effectiveness.

The muscle contracts 30, 000 times with high frequency and intensity, so aslo train and increase muscle density and volume

Contraction of muscle needs a large amount of energy supply, so the fat cells beside the muscle are also consumed, leading to natural apoptosis and effective reduction of fat thickness 

Exercising the abdominal muscles, shaping the vest line / exercising the hip muscles, creating the peach hips / exercising the abdominal oblique muscles, and shaping the mermaid line. 

Only HI-EMT brings non-invasive technology to postpartum women and solves the problem of rectus 

HI-EMT is known for being the first and only non-surgical butt lift procedure that requires no injections and no incisions. The device induces muscular contractions, which can help increase the strength and tone of the gluteal region. This alone can help even the most athletic and fit patients take their booty workouts to the next level.

EMslim is the only procedure to help both women and men build muscle and burn fat and the world’s first non-invasive buttock lifting procedure. It works by supramaximal contractions; the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such extreme condition. It responds with a deep remodeling of its inner the structure that results in muscle building, tightening, toning and burning fat.

EMslim helps patients achieve slimmer and more athletic body contours, by reducing abdominal fat and simultaneously building the muscle foundations underneath the fat. When applied to buttocks EMslim gives the patients a more lifted, athletic shape.

EMslim does not use a heating/cooling principle, so there are no risks of burns, scarring or swelling. The recommended treatment plan is four 30-minute treatment sessions over two weeks. Best results will be seen after 3-months with continued improvement over six months. EMslim strengthens gluteal or abdominal muscles and burns fat, all while you relax, laying down.

How does it work for women?

1. Women who are preparing to become pregnant
●Reduce the risk of miscarriage due to a short cervix
●Strengthen the muscle relaxation of the pelvic floor, reduce the filter of the bed restoring machine
●Strengthen the pelvic muscles to support the fetus and avoid severe uterine, intestinal and vaginal prolapse

2. Mildly mature women
●Improve loose vaginal opening and insufficient lubricating mucus secretion
●Improve vaginitis and repeated non-healing of Candida

3. Mothers going through childbirth
●Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can improve various degrees of oozing and vaginal relaxation due to physical changes during pregnancy

4. After 35 years old, women who are not planning to become pregnant or have menopausal symptoms
●Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, restore the elasticity of the uterus and vagina and increase secretion and moisture
●Increase blood circulation and activate female parts

How does it work for men?

Pelvic floor weakness in men can lead to erectile dysfunction (difficulty attaining or maintaining erection) and premature ejaculation. Pelvic floor strengthening with HIEMT chair can increase penile rigidity and hardness in men with ED and improve control over time until ejaculation.

Utilizing electromagnetic stimulation, it stimulates the pelvic floor muscles, rehabilitating weakened muscles to restore muscular control and providing stronger, longer-lasting erections.

Men who have received treatment with the HIEMT chair have reported key benefits, including:

●Improved erection quality and duration
●Increased instances of climax
●Improved sensation
●Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
●Improve the frequency of urination
●Avoid bowel incontinence in old age
●Improve urine drops

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Technical Parameter

Power Supply
AC 110-240v 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Magnetic induction amplitude(Intensity)
0-7 (Max) Tesla ±20%
Screen size
18.5-inch Color Touch Screen
more than 20000 times
Operation System
High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic
Cooling system
Air cooling
Output power
Package size

Treatment Effect

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1.What Does EMSlim neo Feel Like? 
EMSlim procedures generally feel similar to an intense workout. Most patients report that they felt no discomfort and only felt the sensation of their muscles contracting and releasing. 

2.How Do I Prepare For EMSlim neo Treatments? 
No preparation is necessary for EMSlim treatments. However it is recommended that EMSlim is treated similarly to going to the gym. Do not eat a large meal prior to EMSlim because it may cause some discomfort. 

3.What Is Recovery Time for EMSlim neo? 
There is little to no downtime for an EMSlim treatment. Most patients can immediately resume their day-to-day activities after finishing a treatment. 

4.When Will I See Results? 
Some patients report results as quickly as the next day from the first treatment. However, full results usually occur two months after the fourth treatment. So from start to finish, it will take two months and two weeks to see your final results. 

5.Can EMSlim neo be Combined with Other Body Contouring Procedures? 
Yes, EMSlim can be done in tandem with other non-surgical body contouring procedures. Many patients, for instance, have both Sculpting and EMSlim done simultaneously.

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